How Often Should You Service A Mini Truck?

Just like other trucks, you need to service a mini truck if you are to get good service from it. Every mini truck manufacturer will advise you to stick to the maintenance schedule if you want it to run smoothly. You may wonder when to service your mini truck, the cost, and what is involved during the procedure. Here you will get the information you need to know about mini truck service.

What & Why Is It Necessary To Service A Mini Truck?

Mini truck servicing involves inspection of the engine oil and filters and replacing them at a fee. Your mechanic will later inspect your mini truck to determine the condition of every part. Upon completion, your mechanic will recommend the parts you need to change and the cost of each part.  

How Often Should You Service A Mini Truck?

If you have just bought a new mini truck that is within the manufacturer’s warranty, consider sticking to the manufacturer’s service schedule. Doing this will keep your warranty valid. Older mini trucks also enjoy benefits from regular annual servicing. When properly maintained, the mini trucks drive smoothly for a very long time.

Proper servicing of your mini truck and keeping a detailed service history preserves its value when you sell it. You can achieve this by performing baseline maintenance, condition-based, and interval-based servicing.

Baseline Maintenance

Baseline maintenance, also known as regular servicing, starts with all the common things you will have to maintain in your mini truck, like changing the engine oil and filters. Baseline maintenance takes half a day and costs between $180 to $350, depending on the quality, type, and amount of oil your mini truck needs.

The price for baseline maintenance also varies depending on the quality, the type of oil, and the filters you opt to use. Generally, most mini trucks should undergo baseline maintenance after every 10,000km. During baseline maintenance, your mechanic will have ample time to inspect your mini truck and give you appropriate advice.

Condition Based Servicing

There are certain parts of your mini truck that you can wait for to show signs of wear and tear to replace them. For example, you will hear a squealing noise when your brake pads are worn out and need replacement. The brake rotors, engine mounting, timing belt, chain, tires, and radiator are some parts that will send you a warning when they need servicing. 

Interval Based Servicing

Consider servicing some mini truck parts pre-emptively because their failure is sudden and will not give any signs or symptoms. Failure of such components can lead to accidents or damage to your mini truck. 

The brake fluid, spark plugs, spark plug coils, battery, and transmission fluid are some parts that will never show any sign of wearing out, but the worst will happen when worn out. Consider checking and changing these parts as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 


Your mini truck needs regular servicing to be reliable and give you a long service lifespan. Most mini truck manufacturers recommend that you service a mini truck after covering a specific mileage or when it starts showing some signs. During servicing, your mechanic will perform a thorough inspection to identify the parts that need servicing. 

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