Things To Have In Your Mini Truck Toolbox

Mini trucks are preferred because they never let their owners down in terms of performance and reliability. The Japanese mini trucks, are commonly call them Kei trucks because they are small. As much as these mini trucks are small, they have proven to be strong and agile. For this vehicle to give you better services, you need to ensure that the time for servicing does not pass. However, as the owner, you need to have a toolbox that will aid you in doing minor repairs and maintenance. In your mini truck toolbox, you need some things discussed in this guide.

Things To Have In A Mini Truck Toolbox

You must have the following tools in your toolbox to help you out of a crisis.

A Kit for First Aid

A first aid kit is crucial to saving lives in case of an accident. This kit should have equipment for reducing pain as well as reducing the blood flow and also life savers to alert other road users that your truck has broken down. A first aid kit is essential not only for the mini-truck but also for other vehicles.

A Jack

A jack is an essential component of a toolbox. You will need it to raise your mini truck when replacing the wheels. Wheels are prone to tire burst and puncture, and therefore it is essential to have a jack to bail you out in case of any problem associated with the wheel.


The mini truck has got different bolts of different sizes. A need may arise to tighten or loosen any of the bolts. This procedure does not necessarily need an expert to perform. Ensure you have many different spanners in your toolbox to help you do this. The most common spanner that you should never miss is the wheel spanner. You never know when you will need to change the wheels.


Gloves come in handy to protect your hands from getting dirty and minor injuries when performing minor repairs for your mini truck. You may find yourself changing wheels in a situation where there is no water to clean your hands. This is when the gloves come in handy.

A Spotlight

Has your vehicle ever broken down during the night? A torch is handy to help you see and make repairs at night. Apart from night repairs, there are dark parts of a mini truck, and you may need to access them. A good spotlight will help you do this.


A pliers is a tool that performs functions almost similar to screwdrivers. It is essential because it will aid you in holding or supporting a small screw when either tightening or loosening. It also has an edge that you can use for cutting.


It is time you stop bothering your mechanic anytime your mini truck needs a fix. There are some minor fixings that you can do on your own and learn with time. This is only possible with a well-equipped toolbox. When equipping your toolbox, it is good to know which tools you will need and the roles these tools are used for.

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