Wheel Bearing Maintenance In Trucks & Why It Is Important

What do you know concerning wheel bearing maintenance? We all know that excellent, sturdy tires are essential for the better performance of our trucks. But there are other vital parts that you may not be aware of but are critical components in the wheels of your truck. If such parts malfunction, your wheels are likely to fail. 

There are some vital components of your truck that are designed to move. The best example of such parts is the wheel bearing which promotes the efficiency of the wheel rotation as they move. For optimum functionality, the bearings need proper servicing to work perfectly with other wheel parts. After reading this guide, you will understand wheel bearing maintenance and why it is important.

Wheel Bearing Maintenance

The wheel bearing needs proper maintenance, just like other truck parts. It is essential to maintain them because they are prone to damage. Here are some reasons for damages to your wheel bearings. 

Faulty Installation

During installation, tools like hammers or wrenches can damage your wheel bearing. When such happens, your wheels will fail permanently. Using old accessories like bolts and seals can lead to a faulty installation. During installation, consider using the right tools.

Road Damages

Regular driving on bad roads, such as potholes, speed bumps, or curbstones, can damage your wheel bearings.

Poor Quality Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings function under constant pressure, so installing high-quality bearings on your truck’s wheels is essential. Low-quality bearings, apart from giving you a short service life, will spend more time maintaining them.

Truck Modifications

Performing modifications such as fitting bigger rims and modifying the suspension system can make your wheel bearing feel and suffer a more significant load. Truck modifications can lead to wheel bearing problems.

Importance of Wheel Bearing Maintenance

Consider servicing your wheel bearings as soon as you realize they are starting to develop complications. Never ignore the early warning signs of faulty wheel bearings, which can lead to costly maintenance.

Servicing wheel bearings improves the safety of your truck. Disregarding the condition of your wheels is the worst mistake you should make. It can put your life and that of other road users to danger. 

When your wheel bearings are correctly maintained, your wheels and the brakes will have an even wear. Bad wheel bearings can cause your tires and brakes to have uneven wear, which is risky for you and the occupants of your truck.

Symptoms of Bad Wheel Bearing

Noise Around the Tires

When driving, always listen carefully to various sounds and never confuse this with engine sounds. Bad wheel bearing produces a grinding or whining sound. 

Vague Steering

You will feel loose steering when your wheel bearings within the wheel hub are faulty.

Abnormal Tire Wear

If your tires are worn out on one side, consider taking your truck for a wheel bearing check-up.


Wheel bearings will only last for a while and wear out after covering a specific mileage. You will notice any of the above symptoms when they start becoming faulty. Performing wheel bearing maintenance is essential as it prolongs the bearings’ lifespan and gives you a comfortable and reliable ride. 

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