Top Practices to Prevent Truck Breakdowns 

Trucks are the best vehicles for commercial and personal usage but as always things like breakdowns are sure to happen. They are made to serve the various needs of their users. However, they can give you much headache and waste your time and money in case of a breakdown. 

You can avoid several breakdowns if only you take care of your truck. It is essential to show love for your truck, and you should know how it functions and its various signs when almost breaking down. Such knowledge will enable you to take the necessary action to prevent it from breaking down.

It is easy to prevent truck breakdowns, only if you want to. After reading this guide, you will be able to know some of the best practices worth performing to protect your truck from breaking down.

Inspect Your Tires

Several truck accidents result from poor tire maintenance. Tires are the part of your truck where the entire weight rests. Apart from this, it is the only part in regular contact with the road.

Tires are prone to wear and tear following the nature of the materials used in their production. It is essential to perform a regular tire inspection before using your truck. Your tires should have the required pressure and treads. If you note any damage on your tire, consider replacing or repairing it.

Check Your Battery

Ensure your battery has adequate charge since it ignites your engine. Apart from the reasonable charge, it is essential to check the condition of your battery, if it is well anchored, and if the plugs are well fitted on the terminals. You can use a voltmeter to check the health of your battery. If it records 12 volts or below, consider buying a new battery.


The alternator is an essential part of your truck’s electrical system that generates electricity powering various truck components. It is also responsible for charging your battery.

You will note a faulty alternator if your lights are not functioning correctly and your battery cannot charge even though it is healthy. In such a situation, seek the services of a professional mechanic to inspect and give you further advice.

Check Your Brakes

An excellent working braking system will give you total control of your truck. Apart from truck control, the brakes will enable you to avoid accidents. The roles that brakes perform expose them to wear and tear. 

To prevent your truck from breakdowns, always ensure you have the correct brake fluid levels, the brake lights are functional, and the braking pedal is not soft or hard to press. Whenever you realize a problem with any part of your brake, ensure you make it as soon as possible.


Truck breakdowns result from the regular warnings that your truck gives out, but you keep ignoring them. If you want the most extended service without any major breakdowns, it is essential to practice preventive maintenance

The clutch, accelerator wires, spark plugs, fluid levels, air, and fuel systems are also worth checking. When you take good care of your truck, be assured of reliability and better services. 

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