When To Do Suspension Repairs For Your Truck

When should you do suspension repairs for your truck? Many people know little about their trucks’ wheels, steering systems, and brakes. Many need to learn and understand the suspension and when to repair it in their trucks. Reading this guide will let you know what the suspension is and when you can fix it.

What is Suspension?

The suspension gives you a safe and smooth drive as it absorbs the energy from various types of road bumps. It also lets your tires stay in contact with the road, increasing traction. In a nutshell, the suspension is a carriage on which the truck’s entire body rests. 

The comfort you enjoy from your cabin is due to the presence of the suspension. The suspension connects to the wheels and has basic parts like springs that control the cabin’s height and load suspension. And shocks that absorb and dampen kinetic energy pulses your tire transmits from the road.

Signs Your Truck Needs a Suspension Repairs

Some roads are extremely rough, with several potholes. Such can tear apart your shocks and struts with time. Trucks have tougher suspension that can absorb road shocks and jerks, but the tougher suspension is not immune to potholes and rough road drive beatings. 

The struts and shocks can withstand wear and tear for 50,000 miles. Upon covering this mileage, it will start not being functional. As time passes, your truck becomes bouncy and makes strange noises even if you ride on a smooth surface. Here are the four common signs that your truck needs suspension repairs.

Steering Wheel problems

When your steering wheel becomes very difficult to handle, even at low speeds, in such a situation, particular parts of the suspension need a replacement. Consider taking your truck for a mechanical check–up.

One Side Of The Truck Sits Lower than the Other

Sometimes it might take time or even fail to hear the sounds related to a faulty suspension. But if you see one side of your truck sitting lower than the other, it indicates that you need to do suspension repairs for your truck. It suggests that your suspension springs are worn out, and you should consider suspension repairs. 

Feeling Road Bumps

When your suspension system is worn-out, you will feel a bumpy ride. More shock will go to your cabin when you drive over small potholes. You will experience a bumpy ride, and such a problem is usually with the piston-cylinder assembly and requires immediate repair if a single part is faulty.

Squeaks When Passing Over Bumps

If your truck makes funny noises when you pass bumps or go through a speed breaker, it indicates that your shock absorbers are faulty. You will also note that it becomes hard to control your truck. Driving over every speed bump will be problematic for your truck as it will make screeching sounds at every bump.


The suspension is what offers a smooth ride in every truck. It is where the entire weight of the truck relaxes. It is, therefore, essential to check and service your suspension regularly. Here are some symptoms that will let you know if your truck needs suspension repairs or replacement.

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