5 Things That Quickly Destroy Your Truck

There are a number of things that quickly destroy your truck and in this guide, we will go through them. The heavy metals that make up your truck do not make them resistant to destruction. The cost of repairing trucks is generally high, and no one wishes to go through such expenses. But, some small unnoticeable things that quickly destroy your truck without your knowledge.

Here are the top five things that quickly destroy your truck worth knowing.

Driving Your Truck Before it Warms Up

You might be in a hurry when it’s cold, so you will turn on your engine, engage gears and leave. Doing this is harmful to the health of your truck. The oil only functions well when it is cold. Try to give your engine some time to heat up. Doing this increases the temperature of the oil and activates it to start lubricating effectively.

Driving With Winter Tires Throughout the Year

The special rubber of the winter tires increases their traction in the snow. When you use winter tires during summer, they will wear out very fast and melt while driving. If this happens, your tires can blow. If you are a person who prefers using specific tires throughout the year. All-season tires are the best for you.

Not Engaging Parking Brake

Parking brakes lock the wheels and also help the transmission to hold your truck. Suppose you do not engage the parking brakes when parking. The transmission will hold your truck, and this stress it. Your transmission will wear out, leading to hefty expenses. Always engage the parking brakes when parking your truck.

Driving on an Empty Fuel Tank

Some truck owners will only visit the filling station when the fuel light appears. Doing this is dangerous as your truck might stop in the middle of nowhere. Apart from initiating combustion, the fuel in your truck cools down the engine and the fuel pump. When the fuel tank is almost empty, consider refilling, as this will prevent you from incurring hefty repair expenses.

Passing Over Potholes and Speed Bumps at High Speed

Careless driving leads to expensive repairs. Consider slowing down when you spot speed bumps ahead when driving at high speed. In most roads, the markings on the bumps are for clear visibility. Driving over potholes and speed bumps at higher speeds destroys the suspension system, the wheels, and the general body of the truck.

The suspension system has various parts, and its primary role is to protect your truck from damage from road shocks. The suspension system absorbs the road shock and ensures they do not reach the body of your truck. 

The stress goes to the suspension system when you pass the speed bumps at high speed or hit potholes. It will wear out, and you will have to replace it. The suspension system is an expensive part to repair.

Hitting potholes and speed bumps can be one of the things that quickly destroy your truck. damage your wheels. It can give you a puncture as well as bend the rims.


Shared above are some of the things that quickly destroy your truck. To conclude, the way you take care of and maintain the truck will determine how long or short it will serve you. If you stop these habits, your truck will give you the most extended service. 

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