Kei Truck Off Road Performance

Kei trucks are amazing vehicles that have always stood the test of time. From the time they were introduced back in the 1950s, they have maintained their true spirit of performance and reliability. They were made to be used in Japan, but you cannot prevent something that good from crossing the borders. Many people across the globe are now big fans of these mini trucks. Their cost effective nature is on a whole other level. In this guide, we will look at kei truck off road performance. How good are these vehicles off the main paved roads? Can they be reliable there as well?

How Good Are Kei Truck Off Road

Japanese kei trucks in general are good both in paved roads and in off-roads. They are also well built with a structure and body that is suited for any kind of roads. This better explains why these vehicles last a lifetime. For instance, most of the vehicles driven in the United States are those made in the 1980s and 1990s. This is mostly because there is a 25 year import rule. While that is not the main point, it tells you how solid these vehicles are and how tough they are built. They will definitely deliver when it comes to off road use. Most of them are also 4X4 so it is much better.

How To Improve Kei Truck Off Road Performance

Below are some of the best suggested ways that one can use to improve the performed of their kei truck off road. They can also be applicable with other types of vehicles.

Wheel Up

We have all seen or at least come across some Japanese mini trucks that have bigger wheels. Some of these wheels are 13 or 14 inches. This can be an option worth considering if you have always struggled with off road maneuverability in your mini truck. When the wheels are higher, then it simply means less contact with the ground which could translate to easier maneuverability in bad roads.

Install 4 Wheel Transmission

If your mini truck is not 4 wheel drive, then you will really be struggling to maneuver. For you to get the best in off road, you need to make sure that the vehicle you have has a 4 wheel drive transmission. This means all the four wheels are engaged and there is increase in traction. So, if your doesn’t have this, then you should consider installing.

Introduce Turbo

Turbo is something that many people have always considered as a means to boost their vehicle engine performance. What a turbo does is that it increase the air flow to the engine. This means more fuel is burned at a time and hence more power is produced. The power then means that the vehicle has more torque hence better performance.

Having looked at ways of improving kei truck performance on off roads, would you like one? Well, if you are seriously looking to buy a Japanese mini truck then check out some of the best deals on kei trucks that we have.

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