Mazda Scrum – How to Improve Mazda Scrum Mini Truck Performance

The Mazda Scrum mini truck was first produced in 1989. Mazda Scrum was called Autozam Scrum and only targeted the Japanese market. The scrum shares many similarities with the Suzuki Carry. It is even said that it uses an engine similar to that of Carry. This vehicle is standing in the streets because of its capabilities in cargo handling. To keep enjoying this mini truck’s services, you need to consider some things. Here are ways to improve Mazda Scrum mini truck performance.

Tips on Improving the Mazda Scrum Mini Truck Performance

Just like other vehicles, Mazda Scrum can give you a headache or the best services. But, all that depends on how the owner treats it. Consider doing the following to improve the performance of your Mazda Scrum.

Ensure the tires are in Good Condition

The condition of tires matters a lot in the general well-being of a car. Bad tires can be costly and even lead to loss of life. Consequently, old tires or tires that are not worn out uniformly can make your mini truck consume more fuel. Ensure your tires are well balanced for your mini-truck to give you the best performance. It is essential to change your tires after every six months.

Regularly Clean the Mini-Truck

A clean vehicle gives a conducive environment for both the driver and the co-driver. Besides, a clean vehicle will always look appealing on the roads. Besides the looks, regular cleaning prevents the build-up of rust in specific vehicle parts. Rust is very dangerous for any vehicle. If it is not prevented, it can eat up the entire body of your truck, give it an ugly look, weaken the mini-truck, and cause leakages. Regular cleaning disrupts the formation of rust, and it is advisable to apply wax to your vehicle’s body. This will prevent the formation of rust as well as protect the original paint.

Do a regular check of the radiator

Many car owners forget that radiator is essential to check on your car as you do a regular inspection. So, why is it important? If it is ignored, it can make the engine rust. Occasionally ensure you empty the radiator and clean it also to prevent it from rust that it might transmit to the engine.

Change your oil after a specific mileage

One of the things that are usually checked in general vehicle servicing is the oil. Good oil gives your engine good health and a long life span. Oil plays the role of cooling the engine and ensuring it runs smoothly. Engine oil wears out with time as it performs its roles. When the engine oil becomes less efficient, then the engine of your mini-truck will become less powerful, and it can die if you ignore changing the oil.


Mazda Scrum is among the most common mini-trucks in the lightweight truck class. Owners love them for their cost-effectiveness, high performance and reliability. However, if you own one for commercial or personal usage, you have to take good care of it to serve you better. This guide has shared the fundamental tricks to improve the performance of your Mazda Scrum.

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