Mazda Scrum – How to Improve Mazda Scrum Mini Truck Performance

The Mazda Scrum mini truck was first produced in 1989. Mazda Scrum was called Autozam Scrum and only targeted the Japanese market. The scrum shares many similarities with the Suzuki Carry. It is even said that it uses an engine similar to that of Carry. This vehicle is standing in the streets because of its capabilities in cargo handling. To keep enjoying this mini truck’s services, you need to consider some things. Here are ways to improve Mazda Scrum mini truck performance.

Tips on Improving the Mazda Scrum Mini Truck Performance

Just like other vehicles, Mazda Scrum can give you a headache or the best services. But, all that depends on how the owner treats it. Consider doing the following to improve the performance of your Mazda Scrum.

Ensure the tires are in Good Condition

The condition of tires matters a lot in the general well-being of a car. Bad tires can be costly and even lead to loss of life. Consequently, old tires or tires that are not worn out uniformly can make your mini truck consume more fuel. Ensure your tires are well balanced for your mini-truck to give you the best performance. It is essential to change your tires after every six months.

Regularly Clean the Mini-Truck

A clean vehicle gives a conducive environment for both the driver and the co-driver. Besides, a clean vehicle will always look appealing on the roads. Besides the looks, regular cleaning prevents the build-up of rust in specific vehicle parts. Rust is very dangerous for any vehicle. If it is not prevented, it can eat up the entire body of your truck, give it an ugly look, weaken the mini-truck, and cause leakages. Regular cleaning disrupts the formation of rust, and it is advisable to apply wax to your vehicle’s body. This will prevent the formation of rust as well as protect the original paint.

Do a regular check of the radiator

Many car owners forget that radiator is essential to check on your car as you do a regular inspection. So, why is it important? If it is ignored, it can make the engine rust. Occasionally ensure you empty the radiator and clean it also to prevent it from rust that it might transmit to the engine.

Change your oil after a specific mileage

One of the things that are usually checked in general vehicle servicing is the oil. Good oil gives your engine good health and a long life span. Oil plays the role of cooling the engine and ensuring it runs smoothly. Engine oil wears out with time as it performs its roles. When the engine oil becomes less efficient, then the engine of your mini-truck will become less powerful, and it can die if you ignore changing the oil.


Mazda Scrum is among the most common mini-trucks in the lightweight truck class. Owners love them for their cost-effectiveness, high performance and reliability. However, if you own one for commercial or personal usage, you have to take good care of it to serve you better. This guide has shared the fundamental tricks to improve the performance of your Mazda Scrum.

Mazda Scrum For Sale In Washington

Mazda is without a doubt one of the best when it comes to the lightweight truck class. They were introduced decades ago and have since been gaining popularity. People love the Japanese mini trucks in general for their incredible performance, dependability and cheap cost of running. There are countless things that we can talk of regarding the Japanese mini trucks. But it is also worth noting that most of the mini trucks sold in the US are used. And this sis because there is a 25-year import rule on lightweight trucks like the Japanese mini trucks. In this guide, we will go deep into helping you find a Mazda Scrum for sale in Washington. This should also be applicable in other areas as well.

How To Find Mazda Scrum For Sale In Washington

There are a number of ways that one can use to find the right Japanese mini truck for sale. And here are some of them.

Use Online Classifieds

The internet is one great place where one can find good things to buy. As much as many people do not use classified sites, it is a place that you can shop and find pretty much anything. And this includes vehicles like the kei trucks too. Some of the big classified platforms like Craigslist would be a good place to start. There are also many out there where you can find localized ads that could include the Mazda Scrum.

Local Car Dealerships

Sometimes the best way that one can find the vehicle that they are looking for is through local dealerships. There are many used car dealerships that one can find. They have been around for many years and are usually the go-to place for anyone looking to get a used vehicle. So, if you would like to get a used Japanese mini truck like the Mazda Scrum for instance, this is something that you should consider. It may take you sometime though. And this is because the Mazda Scrum mini truck might not be very popular all over. But searching through multiple of these sales yards should get you the vehicle you want.

Online Car Bazaars

Online car bazaars is an equivalent of the local used car dealerships. Only that this works over the internet and offers more options. For instance, using online car bazaars that list a lot of vehicles does not require one to visit the yard. Instead, one can simply shop online and go though tons of vehicles while in the comfort of their home.


Japanese mini trucks such as the Mazda Scrum are amazing vehicles. They can be used for pretty much anything that on can think of. From being used in the far to hunting, they will surely not disappoint. Shared in this guide are some of the ways that you can find the mini truck the easy way.

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Mazda Scrum Valve Clearance

Mazda Scrum has a compact engine but one that squeezes out immense power. This engine is sufficient to run the mini truck effectively, whether loaded or not. It requires less gas to run. A full fuel tank is just sufficient for it to help you run your activities. Many combustion engines burn fuel in the cylinders to produce energy for moving the vehicle. How does this fuel reach the cylinders? Cylinders have openings called a valve. The human blood circulatory system also has valves that prevent blood backflow. The valve in the engine performs the function of letting in fuel and gas into the combustion chambers. They also expel exhaust gases from the burning chambers. In this guide, we will go through Mazda Scrum valve clearance process.

Mazda Scrum Valve Clearance

When you look at the valve stem and the rocker arm, you observe a small space between them. This space is the Valve clearance. Valve clearance is necessary for two reasons. First, valve clearance monitors the ship’s valves and ensures it closes no matter the existing temperatures. Second, it can contain the expansion of the spindle. The engine’s high temperatures are likely to expand the spindle.

Some Common Signs of Valve Clearance Problems

The behavior of your engine will tell you whether the valve clearance is too tight or very wide. This will help you to know the possible adjustments for correction. You will feel the following signs when the valve clearance is too tight.

  1. The closing and the opening times of the valves will not be regular. They might open very soon or take time to close.
  2. You will realize that some air is leaking from the combustion chamber. Less air will be available for combustion. This is likely to make your mini truck produce less power.
  3. The fuel consumption and the engine’s temperature are likely to go high.
  4. Occasionally, the valve might remain open for a long time and interfere with the engine’s compression pressure.

A wider valve clearance will give the following signs.

  1. The exhaust gases are not likely to come out efficiently from the combustion chamber, which will reduce the engine’s power.
  2. The opening and closing of the valves will be irregular.
  3. The regular collision of rocker arm might damage the valve stem.

Checking Valve Clearance for Mazda Scrum

It is necessary to practice safety before checking the valve clearance. Ensure your engine is not hot and all the valves are closed.

Set all the pistons in Top Dead Centre (TDC). To do this, you must mark the fuel pump and the flywheel and check the position of the valve cam. Doing this will close the valves and let the pushrod free.

If the Top Dead Centre fails, you can opt for the use of the turning gears to achieve the TDC.

Place the filler gauges of different thicknesses between the rocket arm and the valve stem. This will help you to know the sizes of the valve clearance.


Short or long valve clearance can make your Mazda Scrum’s engine not function effectively. It is essential to regularly check and measure the size of the space between the valve stem and the rocker arm. This guide will help you perform that procedure.

Mazda Scrum Maintenance Tips

Are you a big fan of the Mazda Scrum? This mini truck is among the best selling in the lightweight class. This is buoyed by the fact that it comes with amazing performance and reliability. The mini truck lives up to the Mazda name. But like any other vehicle out there, there is need to have good maintenance for it to get you the best results. Otherwise, you will not get good service from it. In this guide, we will go through some of the basic Mazda Scrum maintenance tips to keep in mind. It should also come in handy when maintaining other vehicles.

Mazda Scrum Maintenance Tips

Here are some of the most important Mazda Scrum maintenance tips that are worth keeping in mind. This ensures that the vehicle gives you the best.

Change The Oil Regularly

How often do you change the oil of your vehicle? If you take a long time, then you are not getting the best results from the vehicle. Perhaps one of the most important things that one should not forget is to change the oil of their mini truck. Like spare parts, oil wears out with time due to the heat that it is subjected to. And when they wear out, they become less efficient. This is why it is necessary to always change the oil of the mini truck regularly.

Empty The Radiator Once In While

The radiator of a vehicle is one of the most ignored parts. This can lead to rust which can be transferred to the engine. It is necessary and important to always do a routine cleaning of the radiator and keep it in good condition.

Change The Tires

The tires are yet another crucial set of things that need to be looked into. It can be a life-threatening thing to use tires that are worn out. This is because they can easily burst to lead to accidents. As such, ensure that the tires are changed regularly. Experts recommend changing them after 6 months if they are used regularly.

Clean The Mini Truck

Cleaning the mini truck is something that is very important. Many people usually ignore this but the fact that cleaning the vehicle ensures that there is no rust is something to keep in mind. Rust is something that can easily eat into the body of the vehicle making it wear out easily. But when you clean the vehicle regularly, you can make it last longer. It is also advisable to wax the vehicle to protect the paint.


Maintenance in every vehicle is very important and must be done. If you are a big fan of the Mazda Scrum, then this guide should help you get the best pout of the kei truck. It will help you get the best performance from it.

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Mazda Scrum In Colorado

Mazda is a well known automaker. They have been around for many years and their vehicles are very dependable. They have a wide range of vehicles that range from small sedans to big trucks. Among the ones that have been around for long and gaining traction across the globe is the Mazda Scrum. The kei truck is popular across the globe including in the united States and Canada. The vehicle is made with a compact body and resembles the pick up truck. In this guide, we will delve into the kei truck and moreso into getting a Mazda Scrum in Colorado. It should also be helpful when looking for a vehicle elsewhere.

Is Mazda Scrum Good?

Before we go any further, let us look at the factors that defines the Mazda scrum.

Reliable & Dependable

The Mazda Scrum is lauded for its incredible reliability. The vehicle can be used in pretty much any road for any purpose. If you intend to use them off road then you could opt to go with one that is made with 4 wheel drive transmission. This way you can use the vehicle in any area including areas where others wouldn’t dare to go.

Good Performance

The performance in a vehicle is very important. If you want the vehicle to give you the best, then you should make sure that they can deliver good performance. The Mazda scrum delivers great performance, so this is nothing to worry about when you are looking at this vehicle.

Affordable & Cheap To Run

The Mazda Scrum, just like most other Japanese mini trucks are affordable. The fact that most of those sold are also 25 years and above means that the price further goes down. Besides the affordable cost of acquiring the vehicle, running it is also cheap. For instance the vehicle consumes significantly less amount of fuel as the spares are affordable.

Finding A Mazda Scrum In Colorado

Here are some of the areas that you should be looking into when you are trying to get a good quality mini tuck to buy.

By From Used Car Dealers

One of the first places that one should check out to find a vehicle for sale is the local used car dealerships. They are everywhere in every city and state. It will depend on how popular the mini trucks are in your area. Visiting multiple used car dealerships is something that will increase your chances of finding the mini truck.

Use The Web

The internet comes with a lot of opportunities. Among the opportunities that it has brought includes the improved shopping experience. and thus is not just about shopping for groceries. Cars too are traded over the internet. All you have to do is to check out some of the top classifieds like Craigslist as well as online car bazaars.

Import The Mini Truck

Another great way that you can get your Mazda Scrum is to consider importing it. This is also one of the best options that one can decide to go with. This is because one gets multiple options to select from and also get a good deal by comparing the different options available.

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