Boosting Subaru Sambar Mini Truck Engine Performance

Subaru Sambar is a Japanese mini truck by Subaru Company. It is among the leading automakers popularly known today for their production of the forester, outback, legacy, and Impreza. Subaru is also famous for the production of the boxer engine. The Boxer engine is an engine type with cylinders opposite of each other. Subaru Sambar mini truck is a little bit unique because it does not use the boxer engine; instead, it uses the inline cylinder arrangement. The Subaru Sambar mini truck uses the EN series engine with the continuously variable transmission popularly known as the CVT. This guide takes you through what to do as far as boosting Subaru Sambar mini truck engine performance goes.

Boosting Subaru Sambar Mini Truck Engine performance

You can improve the general engine performance of your Subaru Sambar by making it produce more horsepower and torque as well. To achieve this, try doing the following:

Perform Engine Swap;

Swapping an engine refers to the process of changing the original engine of a car with another engine. Swapping can be done for a dead engine or if the owner feels the original engine’s performance does not satisfy them; in this case, you can go for an engine of higher performance. To increase the performance of your Subaru sambar, you can opt for a bigger engine with a turbo or supercharged. Bringing a bigger engine into the tiny chassis must be performed with experienced mechanics because failure may result in significant issues. When correctly done, you will enjoy driving your Sambar.

Increase the wheel size;

Tires are essential when it comes to the performance of a car. After swapping the engine, another critical factor to consider is fitting bigger wheels on your Sambar. Big wheels increase the stability of a car and the same time, make the braking distance short. A car’s maximum load increases when fitted with bigger wheels. However, the bigger wheels have a few disadvantages, such as compromising comfort and likely higher fuel consumption.

You can Perform Chip tuning

Chip tuning is a computerized method of moving the Read-Only Memory files into permanent storage available in the vehicle’s engine management ECU. To do it perfectly, take time to learn and practice first. Remapping and ECU programming increases a car’s horsepower, torque, and general engine power. Some remapped Sambar engine models are ready to be installed, for example, the 0.7 -46- BHP (01/1990-01/1999).

Fit in larger throttle body and Injectors

A larger throttle increases the horsepower by around 10-20. this means that torque will also increase. Fitting a larger throttle can also reduce your engine’s power because not all Engines are built to be compatible with larger throttle bodies. It is in order, therefore, to do a thorough groundwork before performing such a task. Large throttles need more fuel flow; therefore, consider fitting larger fuel injectors.

Engine modification requires to be performed by highly experienced mechanics. This is because any small mistake can completely ruin everything.

Shared here, are some of the things that will ensure that you get the best performance from your Subaru Sambar engine.

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