Mazda Scrum Engine Swap – Making The Engine Swap

Mazda Scrum belongs to the Kei trucks family, made by a popular Japanese automaker. The production of Mazda Scrum is to serve the Japanese middle-class people. These people need a vehicle to serve them in the pickup truck category but cannot afford to buy one. Mazda is producing the Scrum as a multipurpose mini truck. The market demand for this mini truck is high because it is easy to maintain and does a lot. Medium-scale businesses prefer it for this reason. As discussed in this guide, it is possible to do a Mazda scrum engine swap. Here is how to do that.

Mazda scrum has an excellent and reliable engine. It can run for several years without completely dying if well serviced and maintained. However, you can decide to swap the engine if you need more power or if the engine has developed a severe mechanical issue.

How To Make an Engine Swap

The process of engine swapping involves removing the old engine and replacing it with a new engine. This guide will discuss how to do an engine swap.

Remove the outer engine Protector

The outer Protector of an engine is called the hood. To remove it, two people should be present. Unscrew the hood and safely put it down. 

Make Sure You Drain All the Engine Fluids.

The engine uses several fluids for its smooth operation. To drain the fluids:

  1. Start with the engine oil first.
  2. Drain the radiator coolant.
  3. Do not use the fluids from the old engine in the new engine. However, you can take them for recycling.

Locate the Coolant, Intake, and Exhaust Line and Disconnect them

The intake pipe moves from the filter to the throttle body. Detach this pipe from the throttle body. Remove the bolts located at the lower areas of the exhaust pipe.

Dismantle the Wiring

Modern engines have several wires in the engine, some of them being the sensor wires. Before starting to disconnect these wires, check your motor vehicle guide first.

Detach the Engine from the Transmission

The location of the transmission depends on how the engine sits in the engine bay. Locate all the bolts in the engine block and the transmission’s bell housing to start the process. Ensure the transmission jack is on hold to support it while removing all the screws.

Detach the Motor Mount Bolts

A standard engine has three motor mounts that offer it support. Remove these bolts using two wrenches. One wrench for holding the motor bolt and the other for loosening the motor bolt. You can remove the engine by either raising it or lowering it.

Fix the New Engine

Before inserting the new engine into the bay, inspect it to ensure it is similar to the old one or ideally fits the engine bay. You can fix it by raising it or lowering it. Use the motor bolts to attach the engine into place. Follow the reverse procedure of how to remove the old engine.


This guide explains the process of engine swapping. The procedures are simple and easy to perform. However, seek assistance from a professional.

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