Clutch Replacement in a Mini Truck – When To Do It

The Japanese mini trucks are utilitarian vehicles used in many industries. The manufacturers never focused on the aesthetic parts but wanted to make something valuable and practical. Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Honda realized that the market demanded a small and practical truck. Handling these vehicles is similar to other standard trucks. How? You will operate a mini truck efficiently if you have basic driving skills. Most mini trucks have a manual gearbox. A clutch is one of the components necessary for it to move. In this guide, we will focus on the clutch replacement in a mini truck.

What is a Clutch?

A car engine has a driving shaft and the driven shaft. For the wheels to rotate, the driving shaft has to transmit the power to the driven shaft. The clutch performs the role of coordinating the power transmission between these two by engaging and disengaging. It connects and disconnects the two rotating shafts. The clutch plays a significant role in a mini truck.

  1. Performs a role similar to the electric fuse of protecting the drivetrain.
  2. Reduces vibrations that may develop when driving.
  3. Delivers the engine power to enable the vehicle to move smoothly.

Linking the driving shaft, and the driven shaft exposes the clutch to a lot of stress which in turn wears it out.

Signs of a Worn Out Clutch

You will feel the following signs in your car when it wears out.

When it starts slipping

Slipping occurs when accelerating when you have loaded your truck or going up a steep hill. When you note this, your clutch is wearing out. How will you realize this? The engine will move very fast, but the truck is moving slowly. When a clutch slips, it overheats and is likely to destroy other parts of the engine.

Soft Clutch Pedal

When you press the clutch pedal and feel it is softer than usual, there is a probability that it has started to wear out. You will feel this on an old mini truck or high-performance car. The soft pedal signals a problem with the clutch pressure plates.

Difficulty when shifting the gears

When the gearbox and the clutch are healthy, the gears will quickly shift without any difficulty. The clutch eases the force that exists between the engine and the transmission. This will help the driver to shift the gears quickly. It becomes challenging to shift the gears when the clutch fails to release the tension between the engine and the gearbox.

Noisy Clutch Pedal

When you press the clutch pedal and feel funny noise from the engine, there is a problem with the pressure plate or other components.


Since mini trucks are powered mainly by manual transmission, a clutch is an essential system part. Explained in this article, are the signs that you will notice when your clutch is wearing out. It will enable you to take the necessary actions to save your vehicle from further damages that may result from a bad clutch.

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