5 Proof of Ownership Documents When Importing Mini Truck

Mini trucks have a Japanese origin, and such vehicles are in the class of Kei trucks. The similar characteristic is their small engine cc and similar body shape. Several Japanese auto-makers manufacture these vehicles. Initially, the mini trucks were to serve the Japanese middle class, their popularity grew, and autodialers started exporting them to other parts of the world, such as the United States.¬†You need to have proof of ownership documents that will prove the mini truck’s ownership, and such documents are necessary at the port to facilitate the clearing process.

5 Proof of Ownership Documents When Importing Mini Truck

You can import a mini truck to the U.S. However, there is laid down a procedure that you must know. Failure to follow the procedure might make it difficult for you to clear your mini truck at the port. Let us have a look at some of those documents.

The Military Registration and Certificate of Title of Motor Vehicle (DD-430)

The DD-430 is one of the proofs of ownership documents that the offices of the armed forces can use to import a mini truck. The U.S. Airforce formed this document in 2000, and now all military personnel uses it. The U.S military personnel serving abroad can use this document to ferry home their mini truck upon the expiry of their duty. Any military personnel importing a mini truck can download and fill it. The Military Registration and Certificate are available online.

Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO)

The MCO refers to the original ownership document of a vehicle. The document contains vital information about the vehicle, such as the year of manufacture, make, and VIN. It has some security features, and the new vehicle’s dealer is this document’s provider.

New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS)

The NVIS form is given to new mini trucks directly imported from the dealer. It has to accompany your mini truck from the dealer. It has basic information about the mini truck, such as the details of the manufacturer/importer and details of the authorized dealer selling it.

Manufacturer’s Invoice

Who is the manufacturer? It is someone accorded the responsibility of ensuring conformity of production, and such a person must not actively take part in producing the mini truck. The manufacturer’s invoice is a document issued to the dealer by the manufacturer which contains the wholesale price of the mini truck at the factory and the charges of transport from the factory to the dealer. It also indicates any taxes that the dealer ought to pay. 

Certificate of Title

When importing a mini truck, you must apply for registration and title, which will contain your name, address, and the details of your mini truck. A certificate of title is proof of ownership of a vehicle. The certificate of title is available for both civilians and military personnel. The military personnel, however, have a special certificate of title, which they have to download.


When importing a mini truck to the U.S, you have to produce these five documents, which will act as proof of ownership. You need to know these documents because their presence will facilitate clearing your mini truck.

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