Cost-Effective Ways To Make Your Truck Go Faster

How do you make your truck go faster? Adjustments to your truck to fit your needs and become super faster cost a lot of cash due to the effects of films and TV shows showing the investment people put to increase horsepower and beautifying their vehicles. Therefore, truck owners must seek alternative ways of making their trucks look better and will make your truck go faster on the road. 

Altering your truck to improve its performance does not need to cost you up to the last cent in your pocket. You only need to perform some basic changes that will cost you a few dollars. These are essential changes to consider if you want to make your truck go faster at a lower cost. 

Lower the Suspension

Lowering your truck’s suspension not only makes it look pretty but will also make your truck go faster. Low suspension lets you corner with a lot of ease without pressing the brake pedal more often. The most cost-effective way of lowering your truck is by changing the leaf springs. Doing this, however, will make it difficult to slow down the truck. 

Remove the Big Wheels

Using bigger wheels improves your truck’s stability and shortens the braking distance range. However, the larger diameter implies that the wheel will be heavier, affecting your truck’s speed. It is thus essential to remove the big wheels if you want to improve the truck’s speed.

Reduce the Weight of Your Truck

Reducing the weight of your truck is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing the speed of your truck. A lighter truck travels way faster than a heavy one. To make your truck lighter, consider stripping off the abundant weight on it. Doing this will make it run way quicker. 

Upgrade Your Brakes

Upgrading brakes is a major consideration when you want to make your truck move faster. You need to redesign the brakes because increasing speed strains the stopping mechanism. Consider installing race cushions, and if your pockets allow, consider installing better rotors. Remember to overhaul your brake hoses as well as the brake fluid. 

Change Air Filter

Air channel plays an important role in each vehicle as it is an ingredient in the combustion system. However, air that gets into the engine carries all sorts of debris. The air filter traps all the dirt and delivers clean air into the combustion chamber. As the air filter functions, it becomes clogged, and this deprives the engine of receiving an adequate amount of air. Regular changing of the air filter lets your engine receive abundant air that increases the performance of your truck.

Change the Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are some of the engine’s components that require regular changing. When your spark plugs are old, your truck will not be able to fire effectively. It will deliver a lot of fumes as well as the power of the engine will reduce. New spark plugs cost a few dollars and take less than 10 minutes to fix. In the end it will also make your truck go faster.


A truck with good speed increases convenience, especially when you are in the delivery business. The above are some cost-effective ways to make your truck go faster. Never skip the regular engine servicing. Doing this gives your engine good health, thereby functioning effectively. 

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