Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Truck Owners

Scheduled seasonal maintenance is a practice you should heed if you want your truck to give a longer service. However, various seasons have various adverse effects on your truck. It is thus necessary to maintain and prepare your truck for seasonal changes. Here are seasonal maintenance tips worth knowing.


 It is essential to check your truck at the beginning of spring thoroughly. Here is what to do for a spring seasonal maintenance.

Body Cleaning

The exterior of the truck can be affected by the winter snow, and there are higher chances that you never washed your truck during winter. During spring, wash your truck and focus more on the underbody. The mixture of snow and salt can corrode your truck, the process of corrosion can be slow during winter, but the spring temperatures can accelerate the corrosion. Cleaning your truck will let you see the corrosion and repair them.


 All-season tires can endure the harsh winter. Consider checking their condition during spring. If they are okay, you can rotate them. Remove the snow tires at the onset of spring.


At the beginning of the spring season, consider checking the condition of your brakes. The snow and ice put pressure on the brakes. If you press the brake pedal and hear squealing sounds, consider changing your brake pads.

Oil and Filters

Consider changing the engine oil and oil filter during spring since the engine will put more effort to function during the warmer season. Having fresh engine oil will increase the performance of your truck. A seasonal oil check ensures that it is not affected by moisture.


Summer is the second harsh season after winter. Check the following.

Truck Cooling System

Your truck will overheat due to increased temperatures. Ensure your cooling system works perfectly. Ensure the coolant is at the right level. No leakages should be at the radiator and the hoses. The radiator fans should be in good working condition.


Even though you will have all-season tires, regular tire check-up during summer is essential. Ensure your tires have the right pressure. It is more important to keep your tires at lower pressure. 

The AC

The air-conditioning system is vital during summer. Ensure it works since it will make your cabin conducive during hot temperatures.


If you adequately maintain your truck during summer, you will only have to do a little during fall as it is not very harsh, and your truck will not need any special maintenance.



Switch to snow tires to get the best performance from your truck.


 The heat and dust during summer usually damage wipers. Replace the wiper blades and ensure they are working during winter.


Your heater is yet another thing that should be attended to as part of the seasonal maintenance. The heater stays longer without functioning, which can damage it. Consider checking its condition during winter. To avoid freezing, you must run a maintenance check on your heater.


Your truck is an investment that should be in proper working condition. Maintaining and servicing it is essential for it to run longer. Knowing what to do in various seasons will keep your truck in proper working condition in any season. The checklist in this article will guide you in proper seasonal maintenance for your truck. 

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