Truck Tips – How You Could Unknowingly Be Damaging Your Truck

Today we will look at some crucial truck tips to get better with your vehicle. When driving your truck, it could be at risk of getting damaged without you knowing. Poor driving habits can reduce your truck’s life span and general health. Some poor driving habits are road-related, but some occur as a surprise. To maintain the good health of your truck and avoid being a regular visitor at the auto repair shop, keep reading this guide. You will learn some habits that are damaging your truck without your knowledge.

Sudden Braking and Accelerating

When doing urban driving, you do not need to press the throttle hard, as you could end up jamming your brake at the nearest junction. When doing frequent acceleration and braking, you will likely damage your brake pads and give them a shorter life span. Consider driving more consistently. This is one of the least know truck tips that can change a lot.

Pressing the Clutch Pedal When Your Truck is Stationary

When driving a manual transmission truck, pressing the clutch when the truck is stationary is not necessary. Doing this stresses the pressure plate, release arm, and bearing. With time, this can end up damaging your transmission system. Instead of pressing the clutch pedal, shift to neutral gear.

Not Applying the Emergency Brake

Ignoring the emergency brake is common among automatic truck owners who forget to use it after parking their trucks. Doing this not only puts your truck at risk of moving involuntarily, but it will slowly wear down its components. 

When you park your automatic transmission truck without the emergency brake, too much strain will be on the parking pawl, a small metal that locks the transmission and prevents the wheels from turning. When the parking pawl is worn out, the parking gear will not function.

Braking Downhill

Modern trucks do not need you to press the brakes to keep them steady when going downhill. Instead, shift to lower gears when going downhill. Over-depending on brakes when going downhill causes premature wear and tear to your brake pads. 

Ignoring the Warning Lights

Whenever any check light appears on your dashboard, consider taking your truck for a mechanical check-up as soon as possible. However, some truck owners ignore the check light as long as their trucks run smoothly. Checking the cause of the check light earlier will save you from expensive repairs in the future.

Speeding Over Potholes and Speed Bumps

When driving at night or under low visibility, you might hit potholes. But you can always avoid them. Frequently speeding over potholes and speed bumps can interfere with the wheel balancing of your truck and damage the wheels. Apart from the wheels, the suspension and its bushings are also at risk of getting damaged. Slowing down whenever you are approaching potholes and speed bumps is essential.

Ignoring the Service Schedule

Another of the commonly ignored truck tips is failing to schedule servicing and maintenance. Most parts of your truck need a regular check-up to ensure they are in good working condition. Ignoring the scheduled service maintenance can lead to expensive and severe damages.


New trucks are expensive investments. If you are fond of any of the above driving habits, drop them. Knowing such habits is a step towards remedying the problem. Developing good driving habits will let your truck serve you for a long in good working condition. You will also be able to save the extra cash you spend at the auto repair shop. These truck tips are crucial towards getting better results from your vehicle.

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