Handy Tools To Have In Your Mini Truck

Japanese mini trucks are amazing vehicles that do not disappoint. They are also known as the kei trucks, a common name it is given in Japan because of its compact and generally small size. But despite their small size, they have stood the test of time and have always delivered. However, it is always good to understand that proper care is needed to get the best out of any vehicle out there. The way you take care of your vehicle determines the service that you will get from it. And to do that, you need a number of tools. In this guide, we will go through a list of tools to have in your mini truck.

Tools To Have In Your Mini Truck

Below are some of the crucial tools to have in your mini truck which will come in handy in difficult situations on the road.

First Aid Kit

They say safety first for a reason. The first aid kit contains a number of equipment and devices that are lifesaving. This is in case a person has a bad incident that needs quick medical attention. It is not only for mini trucks but crucial to have in any vehicle.

Tool Box

A tool box is like the first aid kit for a vehicle. It comes with a ton of tools like the spanners, pliers, screw drivers among many other things. These tools will usually help you tighten, open, and pretty much anything one can think of in a vehicle. Just make sure that your toolbox is well equipped so that you have everything you would need.

Wheel Spanner

A wheel spanner is arguably one of the most important tools that one should never miss. This is especially if you are going off-road where the road condition cannot be easily predicted. It lets you easily change the wheels when punctured or damaged.

A  Jack

Yet another crucial equipment worth having is the Jack. It usually goes hand in hand with the wheel spanner. It not only comes in handy when changing the vehicle wheel but also in other situations that need the vehicle raised a bit.

The above are the most common things. Of course there are others like gloves, torch among other things.


You do not always have to call your mechanic every time you have a problem with your mini truck. Most of the things can be learned and sooner than later, you will find yourself being an expert. This in turn helps you to save on costs that you would have paid the mechanic. This is also why most of the mini truck owners choose to be handy with their vehicle. Shared above are some of the tools to have in your mini truck.

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