Importing From Japan: What Your Local Dealer Won’t tell you

Regardless of where you live and come from across the globe, you must have already heard some good things about Japanese mini trucks and considered getting one yourself. Japan has for decades been a leader in the auto world and the Japanese vehicles are loved for their uniqueness and high performance. Whether you are getting brand new or used ones, you will find a quality mini truck which is usable depending on its design and how it is customized. Below,m in this guide, we will go through the process of finding the right Japanese mini trucks that one can buy and highlight the many things that your local dealer cannot tell you.

Steps To Find A Japanese Mini Truck

If you have been tirelessly searching all over for a Japanese mini truck and haven’t succeeded or found ones that are expensive, then here are places to look for to find the right vehicle;

Find It On Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the oldest classified sites and up to date, many people still trust it and use it to linkup to either buy or sell almost anything. The Craigslist users are in the millions daily and and even better, there is a whole section for buying and selling mini trucks and other Japanese vehicles. This simply means that you don’t have to rely on your local car dealer to buy a vehicle of your choice, but you can find it easily online through Craigslist. The other thing to keep in mind is that it works excellently for some countries and not all of them. Besides the US, which has plenty of users you will be lucky to find more than a few listings which makes it a limited marketplace to buy a mini truck or a second hand Japanese kei truck.

Online Forums

If you have been on the internet for a longer time, then you must have known that there are special communities and forums where people meet. Just like you will come across a pet forum, there are also plenty of mini truck forums out there where people can link up to talk and discuss matters mini trucks. More often, you will find lots of mini trucks that owners are listing to sell for one reason or the other and this is where you can find one that best meets your preferences. Most of these mini truck and car forums have sections that will help you

You will also get to learn lots of things besides finding sales on mini trucks by owners. The only problem with using this method to find Japanese mini trucks on sale is that there are limited numbers of mini truck and sometimes you may find it hard to come across one. This is because they are mostly posted by their owner which is something rare since there is no ready market for that.

Ebay Works Perfect

Yes, the old Ebay has vehicles too, and you can find one that has everything that you are looking for. Many sellers have realized the power of Ebay and how it can easily link sellers and buyers from all over the globe and this has proven to be excellent in everything from doing the transaction to the point where the buyer receives their vehicle. On Ebay there are plenty of things and  can almost find anything on auctions through Ebay and one thing that people love with the site is the security that one gets with their money. One will also love the shipping advantage without worrying about finding a shipping company to get your vehicle to your destination.

Buy From Us At Substar Inc

We have been dealing with mini trucks sales and exporting them to many countries for many years, so why not consider doing this with us? Having started as a mini truck dealer, and although we have diversified to other vehicles our main focus remains as mini trucks and minivans. We link the buyers and sellers directly without having to go through the hard stresses of buying a vehicle abroad.  We do all the inspection and vet every vehicle in our listing to ensure that our buyers are getting the best.

Among some of the mini truck models you will find in our listing includes, flat bed mini trucks dump bed mini tucks, skylift mini trucks, caravan mini trucks and among other models.

Finding the Perfect Mini Truck To Buy

japanese mini trucksOne can get their perfect mini truck through different ways that we have discussed above but the most convenient one is to buy directly from Japan. Although getting it from your local dealer can be the easiest option, you may want to check out other options as well. There are some disadvantages which you could have easily gotten over by choosing another option.

Many people always think that importing a vehicle is a difficult process but you will be amazed at how cheap and smooth the whole process is.

Here at Substar, we sell you and help you ship the vehicle to the Us, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand through a smooth process.

Final Word:

Anyone who has loads to haul from one point to the other and feels that a used Japanese mini truck could be an option to use, can get it easily using the steps above. You can cut the middleman and save lots of dough in the process. With the above steps, you can easily find a high quality mini truck from Japan which comes at a fraction of the cost which your local dealer would ask from you. You should however do your homework before buying since there are lots of scams online which demand caution. Depending on the company that you are working with, you can also get a decent shipping package with it.

If you serious about getting yourself a good quality mini truck then you need to check out some of the mini tucks in our listings page and feel free to query on any of the mini trucks.

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