All the Mini Truck Types You Should consider Buying and Why

Are you always looking for a vehicle that can help you carry lts of goods from one place to the other and does your daily errands revolve around this? A pick up truck would be perfect, Right? But of course it is more expensive and sometimes it’s just a big pain. But wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a better option that was cheaper, economical to run and cheap to maintain? The good news is that there is one that you can consider: The Japanese mini trucks. Japan has been in the forefront of car making and their vehicles are awesome in every way. Whether you are a hunter and want something to go hunting with on the harsh terrain or you are a carpenter and need to get your tools to the site, the Japanese mini trucks (Kei) are amazing vehicles worth considering.

Based on body and molding, chassis and general design, these mini trucks will vary and you will always find one that suits the nature of your job. In this guide, we have outlined some of the most common mini trucks that you can find in the market.

Top Mini Truck Types To Buy

Here are specialty Kei mini trucks that you should consider getting.

Dump Bed Mini Truck

Dump bed mini trucks are perhaps the most common type of Japanese Kei mini trucks that you can find around. Just as their name suggests they are designed with a bed that uses hydraulics to dump load that is being carried. This is mostly helpful if you are looking to save time unloading some things such as gravel or sand which would have required a lot of manpower in the process. whether it is concrete for a construction tasks, building materials and anything else that is not fragile, this is the type of Japanese mini truck you should be getting.

The downside of these mini trucks is that one can’t use them to carry and dump delicate goods, but you can use it to carry any goods and fail to use the dump functionality.

Skylift mini Trucks

Ever found yourself in situations where you need to work on a higher level or ground. A situation such as fixing a light bulb on an tall pole? The Skylift mini trucks are specially designed mini trucks that are designed to help in such laborious instances to either lift loads or even elevate workers to handle tasks on a higher ground.

So, anyone who is planning on lifting things or getting elevated to heights using a lift, should consider these Skylift mini truck to be the ideal choice. It simplifies lifting loads onto story buildings, poles or for various constructions. Some of the most common mini trucks that have the Skylift hydraulic systems in place includes the Daihatsu Hijet, Suzuki Carry and Subaru Sambar.

Caravan Mini Truck

If you have been around the auto industry long enough, then you know what a caravan is and how it looks like. Caravan mini trucks are the Japanese mini trucks that have been sealed and shaped like a caravan. They have been made this way to enable carrying delicate goods that needs to be covered, either because they are fragile or do not need exposure. Or perhaps you just like to keep whatever you are carrying as discreet as possible. One can also improve their caravan mini trucks by adding a cooler to help carry produce that need to be kept fresh all the time. Honda Acty, Dihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar are just some of the example mini trucks that you can find the Japanese caravan mini trucks in.

Scissor Lift Dump Bed Mini Trucks

Scissor lift dump mini trucks are a combination of the dump  and scissor lift trucks which we will see later in this guide. They have been customized with a scissor lift system and still have the dump deb functionality making them a 2-in1 mini trucks. The purpose of getting this kind of mini truck is to offer the user with services of both worlds-the dump bed system and the lift system all in one. It is an ideal kind of mini truck for anyone that needs something that they can use for multiple tasks on different days and ocassions.

Scissor Lift Mini Trucks

Having looked at the scissor lift dump truck, you can pretty much get the idea of what this one entails and what it is all about. The scissor lift mini truck, makes lifting and raising yourself to a higher level easy as the load can be raised through its hydraulic powered system. The mini truck is named this way since it takes the shape of a scissor at the center since the system is meant to lift the truck from two sides ensuring that the load is raised in a balanced way. Although the tasks requiring this kind of lifting are a bit rare and hard to come by, they sometimes do and also depend on the nature of tasks that someone does.

Flat Bed Mini Trucks

Flatbed mini trucks are literally what they are, Flat on their bed surface. They are unlike unlike many other mini trucks which comes partially or wholly enclosed and they are versatile and flexible when it comes to carrying abnormally sized loads. Loads that will require a big space but aren’t so fragile and can be exposed.  Most building materials such as plywood or large glass frames which come in different shapes and anomalous sizes are some of the best examples that you can use these flat beds on.

They are also not very common, but come in handy in many such situations.

Jumbo Cab Mini Truck

import Japanese trucksAnother rare but relevant and very useful kind of mini truck is the Jumbo cab mini trucks which looks like resemble the normal mini trucks only that they are a bit smaller and tend to carry a little less than you would expect from normal mini trucks. The mini truck is most common under the Daihatsu Hijet model. They help in carrying less weighty loads with lots of ease. They are also loved for being economical, low maintenance and for being high efficient.

Anyone who is looking for a simple mini truck that helps you to do simple tasks such as hunting within your nearby ranch then this is one to consider.

Be sure to check out some of the best Japanese mini trucks in our listings page. We deal with almost every mini truck type and our list of brands includes Honda Acty, Dihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry among others.

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