Symptoms Your Air Pump Filter Is Failing

The air plays a vital role in your truck. It is oxygen in the air that mixes with fuel in the combustion chamber to initiate combustion. As the engine functions, the explosion and friction between the moving parts cause friction which produces heat. Heat is hazardous to your engine and can cause severe damage. It is the cooling system that plays the role of reducing the engine’s temperature. Air is one of the coolants in the cooling system. So, what are the symptoms your air pump filter is failing? Here we cover more on this.

What is an Air Pump Filter?

The exhaust system needs air to function. In the combustion chamber, only oxygen is necessary, and other components of air that do not support combustion become part of your truck’s exhaust gases. The air pump filter filters the air, which moves to your truck’s exhaust system. The role of the air pump filter is similar to that of the engine and cabin air filter in picking dirt and dust. 

Symptoms Your Air Pump Filter Is Failing

As much as the air pump filter performs similar roles to the engine air filter, its location makes it difficult to access and inspect as compared to the engine air filter. The air pump filter is part of the exhaust system, and if it becomes faulty, your truck will develop emission issues and might also affect the normal operations of the engine. When the air pump filter becomes defective and requires attention, your truck will exhibit some symptoms to the driver. You will notice these three symptoms.

High Fuel Consumption

Several factors increase the rate at which your truck consumes fuel, not to forget your driving habits. A faulty air pump filter is another culprit which will increase the rate at which your truck consumes fuel. When the air pump filter is clogged with dirt, the rate at which your truck will consume fuel will increase. When the filter is dirty, the engine will burn more fuel to move the same distance compared to the amount it would burn when the air pump filter is not clogged.

Rough Idle

Idle is when your engine is running, but the gears are not engaged. During this time, you should focus on the sound coming from your engine. When your air pump filter is faulty, you will feel the engine is not producing the usual sound it does. Mostly its sound will be accompanied by some degree of shakiness.

A filthy filter will block airflow, leading to a surging idle engine. When the clog is more extensive, it will interfere with the idle mixture, which might make your truck stall when driving.

Reduced Engine Power

A faulty air pump filter will make your engine operate sluggishly, and the rate at which air flows in will be restricted. You will realize that your truck will accelerate slowly and might fail to accelerate at some point. A dirty filter will make it hard for air to flow effectively, making your truck very slow when taking off. 


A faulty air filter will interfere with your vehicle’s emissions and performance. The air pump filter is one of the components of your truck’s exhaust system. It is, therefore, not easy to access. Consider replacing it the moment you observe any of the above symptoms. 

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