How Can I get Cheap Tires for My Truck?

Sometimes buying truck tires might be expensive, but you should never pay more if you can get them at a slightly lower price. After you have selected the brand of the tire needed, visit the nearest dealer and try if your bargaining skills will help you carry home the tire at a relatively low price. Before visiting, the nearest tire dealer, do some online research to equip yourself with adequate knowledge about the market trend for the tires you want to buy. So, how can I get cheap tires for my truck? Here are some pointers on that.

How Can I get Cheap Tires for My Truck? 

Choose the Tire Brand You Want

Several dealers are famous for selling different tire brands because they source them directly from the manufacturers. If you try to get a tire brand that a dealer is not stocking, they will source them for you, but you will have to pay 20-30% more because the dealer will source the tire from the wholesaler who is looking forward to making profits from the sales. Several tire companies stopped selling tires directly to dealers but wholesalers so that they could actively control the market prices. 

Do Some Market Research

You already know the type of tire you want to buy as soon as you walk into a tire store. At the tire store, the sales individuals will be pushing you hard to purchase the tires they are advertising for them to earn commission from the sales. As you decide on the type of tire you want, do not fix your mind but have alternatives which you might settle on if the one you wanted is missing.

Never Accept the First Offer

Many salespersons will try to convince you to buy the tires they’re promoting at the current market prices. The greatest mistake you can ever make is accepting to buy the first time you come in contact. Take your time and window shop to know the prices of various stores. Doing this will enable you to purchase from cheap dealers.

Friendly Negotiation

The salesperson will study your attitude whenever you walk into a tire store. If they realize you are polite and humble, they can decide to give you a better discount, but if you are arrogant, they might end up selling you the tire at the market price or slightly more. 

Check the Market Price of Other Stores 

You can achieve this by calling various stores to inquire about the selling price of the tire you want to buy. Usually, the stores you will contact will always have an option and try to sell you another tire brand that they feel is better according to your budget. Checking the market price from various dealers will enable you to identify the honest dealers and when they make your sales to get money.


Buying a tire for your truck is the most challenging task currently. What makes it challenging is the existence of very many tire brands. A number of these firebrands are weak and cheap. Suppose you are thinking of buying budget-friendly but high-quality tires. Consider doing the above.