How Do You Attach a Trailer Hitch to a Truck?

Truck have very powerful engines and many love them for the high torque that they generate for towing heavy loads. Every person who buys a truck does so bearing at the back of their mind that at some point they will need the truck for towing. Most trucks do not come with the towing hitch, you will need to install it. Installation of towing hitch is not a difficult task but can be complex in some trucks. Let’s look at how do you attach a trailer hitch to a truck?

How Do You Attach a Trailer Hitch to a Truck?

Choose the Right Trailer Hitch

Choosing the right trailer hitch entails knowing how much your truck can tow. Knowing the towing capacity of trailer will save you from installing a heavy-duty hitch on a light-duty truck. You will find the towing capacity of your truck in the manufacturer’s manual or online. After knowing the much your truck can tow, choose the type of hitch which will suite you. 

Prepare Your Workspace

After buying the trailer hitch, assemble the materials you will need to install it on your truck. You will need a wire tube brush, lubricant, C-clamp., Torque Wrench, Wheel Chocks, Pin and Clip, and a power drill. 

When unboxing the trailer hitch, you will find the user guide, washers, and bolts. Ensure your garage is well-lit as you plan to start the installation process.

Prepare Your Truck

After ensuring that everything is in place and you want to fix your trailer hitch. Prepare your truck by securing it first.  Do the following.

Engage the parking brakes.

Chock both front and rear wheels firmly.

If your trucks spare wheel is underneath on the rear part, consider removing it.

To create more working space you have to jack your truck.

To create space for the trailer hitch, you might need to remove certain parts of your truck such as some plugs and bolts. 

Clean the holes your trailer hitch will hook into, you can use a wire tube brush and lubricant to do the job.

Consider drilling trailer hitch holes if your truck does not have company-drilled ones.

Attach the Trailer Hitch

At this point, your truck is fully ready for the installation process. You will require somebody to help you at this point. Do the following.

Lift the hatch and hold it on its position.

Use the C-clamp to attach the hitch on the main frame of the truck. To ensure that the hatch is held in its place, use your hands to tighten then bolts, but do not mind tightening them. 

Tighten the Bolts

After tightening the bolts with your hands, use the torque wrench to firmly tighten them as per the instructions in the trailer hitch manual. After the trailer hitch is firm in its position, consider connecting all the electrical wiring for the brake lamps and turn indicators. In order for you to tow a trailer, your truck’s brake lamps and indicator wire has to be wired to your tow hitch to the trailer wiring harness. 

Counter-check your work and go for a tow test.


Installation of the trailer hitch is not a hard task, if you are not very much sure of doing it then consider the services of a professional.