Reasons Why Your Truck Steering Wheel Is Shaking

It is common for the steering wheel to shake when driving on a rough road, but when it shakes as you cruise on a smooth surface, then you should become worried. The engineering work behind a truck is complex and interjoined. You might feel your steering shakes if any part linked to the steering wheel develops a mechanical problem. Let us now look at some reasons that can lead to your truck steering wheel shaking.

Wheel Bearing Problems

It is not typical for wheel bearing to wear out, but under some circumstances, it might. If you regularly run the front tire of your truck over the curb as you make a U-turn, there are high chances of the front wheel bearings getting damaged. If this happens, you will feel your steering shakes as you drive, and the entire truck might also shake. 

Unbalanced Wheels

Have you ever witnessed how a ceiling fan out of balance behaves when put on? The same happens when the wheel of your truck is not balanced. You will feel your truck bouncing and shaking when driving. You will feel the truck shaking even if you go at low speed. Consider taking your truck to an expert for a check-up and wheel balancing when this happens.

Warped Rotors

Regular servicing of the brakes makes them function effectively, but even a well-maintained braking system might fall victim to warped rotors. Rotors are shiny metallic brake parts, which you will see when you look through the spaces between the wheels. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake pads use the hydraulic system to clamp the rotors. The brake rotors might develop spots due to regular braking on busy roads. You feel your truck shaking when the brake pads press against these spots. If you note this problem early, your mechanic can resurface the rotors, but the long-term solution is to install a new rotor. 

Axle Problems

When the front axle goes wrong, you notice it before your steering wheel starts shaking. Sometimes, a lousy axle can make your steering wheel shake. Your axles balance the same way the wheels do. Sometimes the rear axle might have balance issues. If this happens, your steering wheel and the entire truck will shake as you drive.

Suspension problems

Suspension is a common cause of a shaky steering wheel, and the problem is common with trucks bought from unauthorized dealers. The suspension problems develop with time as you drive your vehicle, and you will notice it when it has become severe to the extent of causing your steering wheel to shake. At this point, the loose tie rod ends, and ball joints will start making noise as you drive. The rod ends, and the ball joint is some parts that connect to your truck’s steering wheel and the wheels. You will feel them on the wheels and the steering wheel if they develop issues. 


When you feel your truck’s steering wheel start to shake, never assume but take your vehicle for a mechanical check-up to establish the cause. It might be a sign of a severe issue with the truck.

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