Common Pick-Up Truck Problems

What are some of the common pick-up truck problems you know? Pick-up trucks, especially diesel-powered engines, have various benefits ranging from efficiency to towing capabilities. They also last longer compared to their petrol counterparts. Generally, driving a diesel pick-up truck gives a thrilling feeling. 

Pick-up trucks, just like other vehicles, require service in time. Apart from regular servicing, you should bond and know the way your pick-up truck functions. Such knowledge will enable you to identify various issues as soon as they develop. Here are some of the common pick-up truck problems you will encounter.

Black Smoke

The emission of black smoke is a common problem for all diesel engines, whether heavy or light-duty pick-up trucks. The emission of black smoke commonly signals over fueling but sometimes can also be a sign of a serious issue worth not ignoring.

If your pick-up truck is regularly emitting black smoke, check the condition of the injectors, air filters, valves, valve stem seals, and cracks on the cylinder. Consulting a technician to perform regular preventive maintenance will prevent such parts from wearing out.

Faulty Fuel Injectors

Modern diesel pick-up trucks use rail fuel injectors that feed more fuel than the old diesel engines. They are likely to wear and tear the fuel injectors with time. It is not easy to determine a faulty fuel injector, and this is because your pick-up truck will still run fine.

When your pick-up truck takes time to crank is an indication of a faulty injector. Sometimes, you will also note fuel dilution by the rise of oil levels. Fuel dilution happens when you shut down your engine and fuel starts to drain from the fuel lines and the rails to the tank.

Decrease in Power

Reduced power when starting the engine or pressing the gas pedal is another one of the pick-up truck problems to consider. Several issues, such as dirty fuel filters or faulty fuel injectors, can make your truck lose power.

Faulty Glow Plugs

The glow plugs generate the heat necessary for igniting the mixture of oxygen and diesel in the cylinders. If it becomes faulty, you experience difficulty starting your engine, especially when it is cold. 

When replacing glow plugs, ensure you buy and install premium ones, as the cheaper and after-market ones sometimes swell or break. Swollen and broken glow plugs can damage the piston cylinder valve.

Fuel Contamination

The high viscosity of diesel fuel can lead to its contamination more easily. The common fuel contaminants are water, soot, debris, and microorganisms. When parts such as seals, caps, or gaskets are faulty, contaminants will find their way into the fuel. 

Another instance of pick-up truck problems is when diesel engines sit for a longer duration without functioning can also lead to fuel contamination. Contaminated fuel can cause major engine problems that will be expensive to fix. 


The above are just a few common pick-up truck problems you will experience while using your truck. Pay attention to these pick-up truck problems and address them as soon as your pick-up starts to experience them. Ignoring the above problems can lead to costly repairs. 

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