6 Easy Ways To Reduce Truck Emissions

Is there a way that one can reduce truck emissions? Personal vehicles and trucks contribute 20% of the emissions in the United States. But, such emissions cause more harm to the environment. Due to the risk of emissions, it is a requirement by the United States government that older trucks have to pass an annual emission test for them to remain roadworthy. 

To pass the annual emission test, you must prepare your truck and ensure its emissions are greatly reduced. However, you can reduce the emissions from your truck in these 6 easy ways.

Checking the Tires

When your tires are under-inflated, your truck will consume more fuel, leading to higher emissions. Under-inflated tires offer more rolling resistance. The engine will have to burn more fuel and air to produce the needed power to maintain the speed of your truck. 

Consider checking the pressure of your tires after every two weeks. Ensuring that your tires have the right pressure lengthens their lifespan. 

Perform Regular truck Service

Regularly servicing your truck helps keep it in mint condition and will burn as much fuel as possible to generate the necessary energy. When your truck is well-serviced, it will be safe for you and other road users. During the routine service, consider checking the brakes, the coolants, the oil, and the filters.  

Never Haul Excess Weight

When hauling excess weight, your engine will work extremely hard to generate the energy to move your truck together with its weight. Hauling more weight increases the rate at which your truck consumes fuel. More consumption leads to more emissions. Reducing the load that your truck hauls not only reduces its emissions but also gives your engine a longer life span. 

Always Drive Smoothly

If your foot spends more time on the fuel pedal, your truck will burn more fuel leading to higher emissions. It is, therefore, essential to driving smoothly and carefully. Doing this will least strain your engine and reduce its emissions.

Use the Right Engine Oil

When changing engine oil, consider using the right quality that your truck manufacturer recommends. The engine oil plays the role of lubricating, cooling, and reducing friction in various moving parts of the engine. The right engine oil ensures that your engine is running smoothly and boosting its performance. An engine with optimal performance has minimal emissions.

Use Fuel Additives

If your truck is old, consider mixing the right fuel additive in your gas tank. Doing this will boost the performance of your truck and also help reduce truck emissions. Apart from boosting the performance, it will also reduce the emission of harmful gases to the surrounding. Apart from the above, fuel additives also prevent the fuel injectors from being clogged. 


Truck emissions are harmful to the environment. Therefore EPA has set the standards that every motor vehicle has to comply with in terms of emission. Apart from the EPA regulations, cleaning and reducing your truck’s emissions will help keep your surroundings safe and clean. Consider putting into practice the above tips. Doing so will ensure that reduce truck emissions and minimal harmful gases to the surrounding. 

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