Changing Spark Plug for Mitsubishi Minicab

Mitsubishi minicab is a small vehicle made by Mitsubishi Motors since 1960s. It competes with the likes of Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet, Honda Acty and Subaru Sambar mini trucks. Mitsubishi minicab comes as a mini truck or as a minivan, depending on your preference and needs. This vehicle is made to satisfy the needs in various niches and industries. For customer satisfaction, the minicab has to be reliable and efficient. This comes when the engine is in good operation. An engine comprises of cylinders and spark plugs that cause the motion. The cylinder is where combustion occurs, and the spark plug is what initiates the spark by lighting the mixture of air and fuel in the cylinder. This role exposes the spark plug to tearing and wearing. Here is a comprehensive guide on changing Spark plug for Mitsubishi minicab.

Changing Spark Plug for Mitsubishi Minicab

When replacing the spark plug for your minicab, remove it one at a time and thoroughly check it to determine whether it can be reused or replaced. The spark plug should be changed when the minicab attains a mileage of not more than 50,000 km. This will ensure that your engine functions properly and consumes only the required fuel. To safely replace your spark plug, look at the following steps:

  • Park your minicab on a flat surface, and let the engine cool down.
  • Clean up the spark plug hole on the cylinder. Cleaning removes any impurity that may get into the cylinder upon removing the spark plug.
  • Apply oil to the threads of the spark plug. Do this carefully to ensure that no oil goes to the electrodes and the canter of the spark plug.
  • Turn the spark plug in a clockwise direction by hand, do this carefully to avoid destroying the threads in the plugs.
  • Turn the plug at least twice; after that, you can use tools such as a ratchet or a socket to continue the work.
  • Insert the spark plug socket and attach the ratchet to it, then continue turning clockwise; stop as soon as you meet resistance.
  • Take time to check the spark plug cable and ensure it is not damaged. If it is damaged, then consider changing it. Before you think of attaching the boot to the spark plug, apply silicon lubricant to the boot and gently push it over the exposed terminal of the new plug, then press it on the place.
  • Repeat the procedure on every cylinder. Practice a lot of caution to avoid impurities getting into the cylinder or the threads getting destroyed.


A spark plug is important in the running of a Mitsubishi minicab. Due to its critical nature in initiating combustion in the cylinder, the spark plug is exposed to tear and wear. When it wears out, the minicab’s engine is likely to perform differently and consume more fuel. Therefore, it is important to change the spark plug after attaining a specific mileage. The guides given above will help you to initiate the process safely without having to involve a specialist.

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