How To Prolong The Life of Your Kei Truck

Kei trucks are among the most durable vehicle models on the market today. Manufacturers guarantee that they can last up to 150,000 miles when they are used for carrying loads. They last up to 200,000 if they are used for other purposes that do not involve carrying loads. Japanese mini trucks highly preferred for this reason. The good news is, you can prolong the life of your mini truck. This post gives you tips on simple routine practices that you need to prolong the life of your Kei truck. Proceed to find out how.

Stop Overloading!

Despite their small size, mini trucks can carry significantly heavier loads than pick-ups. However, they have a limit of 1760lb as their load capacity. But with their zealous engine, one might be tempted to overload. The mini truck is very much capable of gaining traction while overloaded but this contributes to its tire and structural wear-off. In addition, overloading a mini truck jeopardizes its safety feature capabilities such as the braking system and handling. Overloading stresses the engine, causes fast wear and tear, and increases the chances of accidents. Stick to the weight limit and watch the truck serve you longer.

Take Care of The Engine.

Always look at the engine as the heart of your mini truck, it powers everything. The engine has many moving parts that wear off over time. Many manufacturers, mechanics, and automotive experts will recommend servicing your mini truck every 5,000miles. But you need to go an extra mile to prolong the life of your mini truck. Many people believe servicing the engine is changing the oil and minor adjustments. Go the extra mile of having other minor components such as spark power plugs checked. Use quality oil while servicing your engine and pay attention to your engine.

Small Problems Do Not Exist!

Many people will tell you, that major problems in their Japanese mini trucks begin as small problems. Kei truck too depreciate with time. So, do not ignore a truck problem because it’s small. A good example is overheating of the engine. It might sound like a minor problem with simple solutions but it might be an indication of an engine problem. This does not only apply to the engine but to other components such as doors, the wiring system, and the suspension among others. Nip those problems in the bud!


The key to prolonging the life of your Kei truck lies behind the dedication you put to giving back to your truck. It should be a routine and sometimes requires discipline. Avoid overloading especially if your truck is used for commercial purposes. You might think that you are making a killing by overloading, but in actual sense you lose in the long run. Remember, the engine is the most valuable gem in your truck. Don’t miss any service. Lastly, remember that those small problems escalate to big problems. With those tips in mind, your Kei truck will serve you for quite some time.

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