Mitsubishi Mini Truck Lift Kit and Suspension

The Japanese Mitsubishi Kei truck has been in the market since the mid-1960s. Several improvements have been made to it to satisfy consumer needs. Initially, this mini truck was to serve the local Japanese Market, but it found itself in the foreign markets, credit to Japanese second-hand motor vehicle exporters. As much as these mini trucks can tackle any terrain, very rugged terrain can give them a hard time. To make them move through such places smoothly, consider lifting it. Here, we go through Mitsubishi mini truck lift kit and suspension.

Mitsubishi Mini Truck Lift Kit and Suspension

A lift kit and suspension can increase your vehicle’s height. The lift kit increases the height by a few inches, but the suspension kit can increase the height of your vehicle by several inches. Doing this will improve your ground clearance.

Importance of Raising Your Vehicle

Raising your vehicle using suspension and lifting kits gives you and your car an added advantage. Here are some of the importance of raising a vehicle higher.

Improved Safety

Lifted vehicles are safer as they give the drivers a better view and, therefore, can easily control the vehicle. Raised vehicles are safer to drive on obstacles. The obstacles will not likely to damage the underneath of the vehicle. Instead, they will pass under the vehicle.

Good for Towing

Lifted vehicles provide better towing because they will prevent the bottom of the truck from touching the ground.

Ability to Fix Big Tires

Lifting your vehicle will provide more space to fix big tires. Big tires improve the looks of your truck. At the same time, they improve the performance of your vehicle.

Lifting Makes it Easier to Access the Underneath of Your Vehicle.

It is easy to access and repair the underneath parts of a raised vehicle. You will be able to perform tasks such as greasing the moving parts under the vehicle.

Lifted Vehicles Provides a Better Visibility

When the driver is seated on a raised place, they can see the road clearly, and it becomes easy to avoid potholes and cause accidents.

Provides a Better Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is the space between the underneath of a vehicle and the ground. The raising of a vehicle increases the ground clearance. Driving over obstacles becomes comfortable.

How to Raise Your Mini Truck

There are three options for lifting your mini truck: fixing bigger tires, and using the suspension and body lift kits. You can use one or combine both.

The body lift kit will increase your vehicle’s ground clearance by using lifters. These lifters are fixed between the spaces of suspension springs.

The suspension lift will push your vehicle high and the wheels way below the frame. The suspension kit has leaf spring shackles and coil spring bushings.

Fixing big tires will lift your vehicle some inches from the ground. However, it is possible to fix big tires after fixing coil spacers.


You can increase the height of your Mitsubishi mini truck to improve its ground clearance and performance. Lifting is very effective on the four-wheel version. This guide has what you need to know before lifting your mini truck.

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