How To Bleed Cooling System Of A Truck

Air getting into your truck’s cooling system is the worst thing ever. Getting rid of air once it gets there can be difficult and stressful. But you can expel the air bubbles out by bleeding your cooling system. Bleeding the cooling system is a fragile procedure that might ruin your Engine if not correctly done. In this guide, we will focus our attention on how to bleed cooling system of a truck.

How To Bleed Cooling System Of A Truck

To bleed your truck’s cooling system, consider the following steps, which will help you do it without any unique tool. The process takes roughly 30 minutes.

Have Your Antifreeze

Before you bleed your cooling system, you must have your coolant ready. Before sourcing a coolant, ensure your manufacturer recommends it. Using a non-recommended coolant can easily damage your Engine. Consult an expert if you do not know the correct coolant to acquire. The coolant is always concentrated, take 50% of it and mix with 50% water. Before mixing water and coolant, keenly read and understand the instructions.

Lift the Front Part of Your Truck

Jacking up your truck is a step that you should not ignore. When your truck is raised, getting rid off the air will be much easier and quicker. You can use a floor jack or park your truck on a steep hill.

Fill the Coolant

After raising your truck, feel the coolant as much as you can. When filling the coolant, open the air bleed valves and close them when the coolant starts to overflow. Coolant is hazardous to the environment. Ensure it does not floor to the ground. 

Start Your Engine

After feeling your coolant, consider starting your truck. The water pump will throw away some coolant when you turn on the Engine if only there is air in the cooling system.

Turn the Climate Control Heat

It would help if you turned the climate control heat to the maximum. Doing this differs from truck to truck. Most truck manufacturers have made a valve to prevent coolant from flowing into the thermal pack. Coolant will flow into the thermal pack if you set the climate control to cold.

Rev the Engine to 4000rpm

When doing this, you will need a helper to rev your Engine. Ensure the raving is steady.

Open the Bleed Valve

As the Engine is raving, consider opening the bleed valves. When doing this, check the temperature of your coolant. If it is high, working on your truck might be difficult. Check if your coolant is leaking as you open the bleeding valve.

Refill the Coolant

You can perform this procedure if the need arises. Before refilling the coolant, turn off the bleeding valves, and your Engine should be in the idling position. After refilling the coolant, consider putting the radiator cap back.

Go for a Test Drive

After ensuring that your truck is okay and no liquid leaks, go for a test drive. When driving, be keen on the temperature of your coolant. When the temperature goes high, your head gasket will blow.


Bleeding a truck’s cooling system is not difficult. It is something you can do anywhere as long as you follow the procedures in this guide. 

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