Caravan Mini Trucks From Japan – Should You Import One?

Kei mini trucks, otherwise known as Japanese mini trucks have become very common in the recent. Among the most common Japanese vehicle models that you will likely come across is the caravan mini truck. Although it is not the most common among other trucks like the dump bed mini truck, they have earned themselves a name and many people love them.

If you have ever seen a Japanese mini truck (Kei), then Caravans are almost the same as these, only that their bed are completely enclosed making them completely transparent. They also have a door at the back and depending on the design, it could have windows or might not.

Reasons Why Caravan Mini Trucks Are Ideal

They are affordable – Among the best reasons why Japanese Kei trucks are getting popular across the globe is because they are very affordable. Furthermore getting a vehicle that is pre-owned from Japan could even further help reduce the price down. Japanese auction houses are also another option that you can think of when you are getting a vehicle. The fact that it deals thousands of vehicles on a daily basis makes it the perfect spot to get a vehicle.

Reliable and High Performing – Don’t we all love vehicles that we can count on to deliver when it comes to performance? Whether it is carrying goods and stuff from one place to the other, speed or dependability the vehicle used should offer impressive services. The Japanese mini trucks have these traits, thanks to the fact that they are manufactured by some of the leading automakers in the globe.

And if you are planning on using the vehicle off-road under harsh conditions then you will love the fact that these Japanese mini trucks come with a 4X4 option. 4 wheel drive vehicles are able to engage all the 4 wheels of the vehicle making it more stable and increasing traction. This makes it easy to maneuver though mushy and all weather roads even when carrying cargo.

Easy to maintain and Repair – Yet another thing that you will love with the caravan mini trucks is that they are easy to maintain and you can easily master the basics of repairing it. This makes it both easy for you and the mechanic to inspect and make the necessary repairs that the vehicle needs.

Some Of The Most Notable Uses Of Caravan Mini Trucks

Here are some of the things that you can use your Japanese mini truck effectively for.

Recreation Activities

RVs are very common when it comes to recreational vehicles and it delivers to the best. However, you should also consider caravan mini trucks which have already shown superior performance when used for recreation. One of the disadvantages with RV is that most of them come with a hefty price tag making most people to avoid them. If you have been in such a case then the caravan mini trucks could be the ideal vehicles that you are looking for.


Although the Kei mini trucks may not be as strong or offer top end performance like many custom trucks turned to RVs, they are vehicles that you can count on.

If you love camping then you can easily get the caravan vehicle customized and gear up on your hiking.

Starting A food Truck Business

Food truck business is yet another idea that you can think of with a caravan mini truck. It is also a very lucrative business. Due to the high cost of trucks, many people have been discouraged to start this kind of business. However the Japanese mini trucks are solid vehicles that can be easily customized to make a small mini food truck business. The costs incurred in both the purchase and customizing the vehicle will still be a fraction of the cost that you could have used to buy a new food truck. So why not get started simply with a used Japanese mini truck that saves you a lot?

Carrying Fragile And Sensitive Cargo

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we need to carry some fragile goods from one place to the other. Some goods and cargo need to be protected from the sun or other weather conditions like when it is raining or snowing. In such a case, you need a vehicle that can protect the cargo from being damaged or exposed and the caravan mini truck is the perfect vehicle for that. For goods that such as produce that can go bad, you can also opt to customize your caravan mini truck so that it can have a cooling system that makes the produce fresh.

If your goods are also discrete and you would like to keep it from the public then getting a caravan mini truck is a good idea that you can always turn to.

These are some of the benefits, uses and capabilities that come with the caravan mini trucks. As long as your vehicle is well maintained, you can always count on it to deliver quality services. The good thing is that mastering the basic maintenance tips and how to handle the vehicle is easy. The vehicle also comes with the manuals and instructions on how to run it.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks are becoming popular across the globe at a fast rate, thanks to the many benefits that these vehicles come with. Caravans for example could be used for several purposes which many other top-end vehicles cannot. With the above information, it is clear that the caravan mini trucks are vehicles that can be counted on.

If you would like to buy a caravan mini truck or just any other mini truck then you can check out some from our listing page. We also deal with minivans among other vehicles that are in our listings. As if that wasn’t enough. You will love the fact that we will ship the vehicle for you to the destination port helping you cut down on the shipping hassles. You can also get in touch with us about any other vehicle that you would like to import from Japan and we will be here to help out.

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