When Do You Need A 4X4 Mini Truck

If you have been in the auto industry for a while and know a thing or two about mini trucks, then you already know the reputation that comes with the Japanese Kei trucks. They are simply outstanding in every way and one can always count on them to deliver. If you are however not sure on which of the mini truck that you should be getting, then it is high time that you do your own research to find out which one is best suited for you line of work. Below is just a highlight of some of the Japanese mini trucks that you will find in the market which you need to consider depending on what you intend to be using it for.

Dump Bed mini Truck – This kind of mini truck has been specifically designed for carrying loads from one point to the other and having them dumped easily. It can also be used just like any other pick up truck as it does pretty much the same tasks.

Caravan Mini Truck – This is a kind of Japanese mini trucks that has been designed with a closed bed and it can be used to carry various loads which needs to be covered, either because you need them to be discreet or just because they are too delicate to be exposed in the open.

Flat Bed Mini Truck – If you are planning or your daily work revolves around carrying loads that are abnormal in size and aren’t necessarily fragile or delicate, then you may want to consider the flat bed mini truck. It’s bed is basically flat as the name suggests and it is meant to accommodate and carry goods that don’t fit well inside the common closed beds.

Scissor Lift Mini Truck – Yet another usable, but rare type of mini truck is the scissor lift mini truck which has a hydraulic system that is designed to resemble a scissor. It is perfect for instances where you need to raise loads to a certain height.

The other thing that you need to understand is that each of these mini trucks come in either a 2 Wheel drive (2WD) or a 4 wheel drive (4 X 4). The 2 wheel drive engages two wheels which are used in running the vehicle, while with the 4 wheel drive enabled mini trucks, you can choose to engage all wheels in the operation process. So when do you get a 4 X 4 vehicle? Below are detailed information on when a 4 X 4 mini truck comes handy.

In All Weather Roads

People will use these vehicles differently under different road conditions which means that some people will be working and using the vehicle under harsh conditions while others may not. There are situations such as those that are muddy, mushy and rugged roads that not many vehicles will make it to pass through. When you expect to be using the vehicle under such conditions, then the best one to get should have the 4 X 4 capabilities so that it can easily handle such terrains and hash roads. There are lots of 4 X 4 mini tucks that you will find around and you can check out some in our listing page.

When Carrying Heavy Load

Sometimes when carrying a lot of load and need to boost the vehicle’s performance so that it does not get stuck, perhaps in a slopy area. As such, the process of engaging all wheels in a 4 X 4 mode will help you to attain this easily. Traction and increase in grip is what results when one engages all the 4 wheels of the vehicle and since the vehicle is also carrying heavy load, this will ensure that it grips perfectly and has little chances of sliding. If you are therefore looking for the best solution or a good vehicle that will help you carry a lot of load with a lot of ease, then you need to consider getting a 4 X 4 mini truck from Japan. After all, the process of getting one is pretty easy, thanks to online portals and car listing sites like we have here at Substar Inc.

When Unsure Of What To Expect

4 x 4 mini truckSometimes most people handle different errands which requires different needs and at times, one cannot predict what to expect. When you find yourself in such a situation, the best kind of vehicle that you should be going for is one that can handle any kind of task whether simple or had and that would be a vehicle with 4 X 4 capabilities. In such a situation, you do not want to limit yourself by getting a 2 wheel drive since you do not know the kind of work that you expect to be handling next. And why should you not anyways if the cost of acquiring either of the vehicle doesn’t have a lot of price different? the costs is almost the same and therefore it is worth getting a 4 X 4 mini truck instead.

Final Word:

There is little doubt or debate about the power and performance that the Japanese mini trucks bring. There is however a difference in the one that you choose and as highlighted on this article, you can see which one you should be getting. And when it comes to the question on whether you should go for a 4 X 4 mini truck, it is pretty much clear that the 4 wheel engagement comes in handy in many instances.

You can head over to our car listings page to check out some 4 X 4 mini trucks that we have listed. All the vehicles in our listings page have been vetted and tested for performance and quality and you can be rest assured that you are getting good value for your money. So, why not get one that best suits your line or work and preferences? Despite being very affordable, we will help you with the shipping process.

When Do You Need A 4X4 Mini Truck?

If you have been watching the auto world, then you already know how the Japanese mini trucks are getting popular day by day and becoming a favorite to many of us. Some of the features and capabilities that makes the Japanese mini trucks stand out includes the 4 wheel drive capability which augments its drive-train and take performance to the next level. Having the 4X4 capability, a vehicle is able to move easily and handle pretty much any kind of terrain roads seamlessly since all the four wheels are operational.

In a bid to help you decide on if you should get a 4 wheel drive mini truck, we will go outline some of the things about these Japanese mini trucks as well as give you some basic maintenance guides on how to handle them.

4 Wheel Drive Japanese Mini Truck Overview

Below are some of the reasons why one would need a 4X4 mini truck.

Excellent In Reliability

The capability to engage all wheels in the 4X4 mechanism increases the vehicle’s traction which means that the vehicle can easily drive through muddy and all weather roads where 2 wheel drive vehicles wont perform of drive through. This is a feature that usually comes in handy if you regularly take the off roads carrying some loads from one place to the other. Anyone who has always has their doubts on the vehicle reliability should consider getting the 4X4 Japanese mini truck and expect nothing short of excellence.

High Quality And Performance

Fact has it that these state of he art vehicles have been in use for many generations and they are made by some of the leading automakers that rule the industry. With this in mind, these car makers have a good track record of making vehicles is an assurance that the mini trucks are also excellent when it comes to performance and quality. They have been built to last and their bodies are very solid and will endure work on any kind of terrain even the harsh ones.

They Come Cheap

We all love cheap things, and that is a fact. However, visiting local car dealer will just make you go crazy just by looking at the figures quoted for any new vehicle. Most mini trucks are high when it comes to their carrying capacity, but you will rarely need to haul stuffs that a mini tuck won’t be able to handle. So why should you waste more money on a vehicle that costs you an arm and leg to buy while a Japanese mini truck comes cheaply?

But why are they so cheap? Will they last, or just cheaply built to last a while? In Japan, mini trucks are being dumped at throw away costs by their owners who are seeking to get newer vehicles that attract less tax which the Japanese government does on older vehicles and this is why they come in cheaply.

Maintenance Costs Are Low

We all love vehicles that don’t cost a lot when it comes to maintaining and running them. Anyone who has experienced a vehicle that guzzles up a lot of fuel and also expensive to maintain doesn’t want to go through the same nightmare and if so, you should consider getting a Japanese mini truck. Lucky enough, the Japanese mini trucks (kei) have a good reputation for being economical and low when it comes to running them.

Whether you want to carrying construction materials and equipment from the site or need one that will endure the harsh terrain of an off-grid environment, Japanese mini trucks are for you.

Simple Mini Truck Maintenance Tips

Here are tips to get your vehicle running perfectly;

Wiring and lights maintenance – Something that you’d want to ensue is spot on and the entire wiring system also need to be checked to ensure they are in good condition. The experience of pushing your vehicle downhill to get it to start, simply because the battery is low is one that is unpleasant.

Regular tire change – A 4X4 vehicle should have the best tire conditions for better traction while the wheels should also offer the much needed grip to go through any road and condition. Experts always advises one to change your tires when the treads have started to wear out by half deep or after six months (whichever comes first). This will also improve the safety of the vehicle and reduce the chances of accidents.

Check your oil regularly– Anything that involves moving parts need lubrication which can be achieved by oiling and greasing them. This is simply because from time to time, they start losing their efficacy and need to changing. Doing this will ensure that you get better performance and avoid parts breaking or easily wearing out.

Shared above, are the most common maintenance tips that you need to get your vehicle running normally. You should also consider learning the basic mechanical tasks of doing simple fixes.

Final Word:

We at times find ourselves needing a vehicle that is able to withstand and work under harsh weather and bad off-roads. Whether you need to carry some light to medium sized loads, then you need a reliable vehicle that can handle the work with ease. While Pick-up trucks are considered an ideal option, they are very costly and maintaining them is another problem and for that mater,  you’d better off getting a Japanese 4 wheel drive mini truck.

Anyone who wants to get a 4 wheel drive Japanese mini truck, should check out some that we have in our listing page. We have tons of mini trucks ranging from dump bed, caravans, flatbeds, skylift, scissor lift mini trucks as well as dozens of minivans. Get in touch with us if you have questions or need to inquire on any particular vehicle that you can’t see in our listing.

Caravan Mini Trucks From Japan – Should You Import One?

Kei mini trucks, otherwise known as Japanese mini trucks have become very common in the recent. Among the most common Japanese vehicle models that you will likely come across is the caravan mini truck. Although it is not the most common among other trucks like the dump bed mini truck, they have earned themselves a name and many people love them.

If you have ever seen a Japanese mini truck (Kei), then Caravans are almost the same as these, only that their bed are completely enclosed making them completely transparent. They also have a door at the back and depending on the design, it could have windows or might not.

Reasons Why Caravan Mini Trucks Are Ideal

They are affordable – Among the best reasons why Japanese Kei trucks are getting popular across the globe is because they are very affordable. Furthermore getting a vehicle that is pre-owned from Japan could even further help reduce the price down. Japanese auction houses are also another option that you can think of when you are getting a vehicle. The fact that it deals thousands of vehicles on a daily basis makes it the perfect spot to get a vehicle.

Reliable and High Performing – Don’t we all love vehicles that we can count on to deliver when it comes to performance? Whether it is carrying goods and stuff from one place to the other, speed or dependability the vehicle used should offer impressive services. The Japanese mini trucks have these traits, thanks to the fact that they are manufactured by some of the leading automakers in the globe.

And if you are planning on using the vehicle off-road under harsh conditions then you will love the fact that these Japanese mini trucks come with a 4X4 option. 4 wheel drive vehicles are able to engage all the 4 wheels of the vehicle making it more stable and increasing traction. This makes it easy to maneuver though mushy and all weather roads even when carrying cargo.

Easy to maintain and Repair – Yet another thing that you will love with the caravan mini trucks is that they are easy to maintain and you can easily master the basics of repairing it. This makes it both easy for you and the mechanic to inspect and make the necessary repairs that the vehicle needs.

Some Of The Most Notable Uses Of Caravan Mini Trucks

Here are some of the things that you can use your Japanese mini truck effectively for.

Recreation Activities

RVs are very common when it comes to recreational vehicles and it delivers to the best. However, you should also consider caravan mini trucks which have already shown superior performance when used for recreation. One of the disadvantages with RV is that most of them come with a hefty price tag making most people to avoid them. If you have been in such a case then the caravan mini trucks could be the ideal vehicles that you are looking for.


Although the Kei mini trucks may not be as strong or offer top end performance like many custom trucks turned to RVs, they are vehicles that you can count on.

If you love camping then you can easily get the caravan vehicle customized and gear up on your hiking.

Starting A food Truck Business

blankFood truck business is yet another idea that you can think of with a caravan mini truck. It is also a very lucrative business. Due to the high cost of trucks, many people have been discouraged to start this kind of business. However the Japanese mini trucks are solid vehicles that can be easily customized to make a small mini food truck business. The costs incurred in both the purchase and customizing the vehicle will still be a fraction of the cost that you could have used to buy a new food truck. So why not get started simply with a used Japanese mini truck that saves you a lot?

Carrying Fragile And Sensitive Cargo

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we need to carry some fragile goods from one place to the other. Some goods and cargo need to be protected from the sun or other weather conditions like when it is raining or snowing. In such a case, you need a vehicle that can protect the cargo from being damaged or exposed and the caravan mini truck is the perfect vehicle for that. For goods that such as produce that can go bad, you can also opt to customize your caravan mini truck so that it can have a cooling system that makes the produce fresh.

If your goods are also discrete and you would like to keep it from the public then getting a caravan mini truck is a good idea that you can always turn to.

These are some of the benefits, uses and capabilities that come with the caravan mini trucks. As long as your vehicle is well maintained, you can always count on it to deliver quality services. The good thing is that mastering the basic maintenance tips and how to handle the vehicle is easy. The vehicle also comes with the manuals and instructions on how to run it.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks are becoming popular across the globe at a fast rate, thanks to the many benefits that these vehicles come with. Caravans for example could be used for several purposes which many other top-end vehicles cannot. With the above information, it is clear that the caravan mini trucks are vehicles that can be counted on.

If you would like to buy a caravan mini truck or just any other mini truck then you can check out some from our listing page. We also deal with minivans among other vehicles that are in our listings. As if that wasn’t enough. You will love the fact that we will ship the vehicle for you to the destination port helping you cut down on the shipping hassles. You can also get in touch with us about any other vehicle that you would like to import from Japan and we will be here to help out.

Why 4×4 Used Japanese Mini Trucks Are Popular

With the escalating fuel prices and a crazily drifting economy, you’d surely want to drive in a vehicle that blends in perfectly to the economy.

If your business involves moving or transporting loads through a bad road or a snowy one, then you’ll need a hard-bodied and reliable vehicle that does it without problems.

There’s only one truck that has proven to work wonders when it comes to dealing with such; it’s a 4X4 mini truck. Below we will cover some of the reasons why the 4X4 used Japanese mini trucks are ideal and quickly becoming a favorite to many people.

Durability Unchallenged

We all love to invest in things that will take us far and serve us for a longer period and your mini truck choice should as well serve you within reasonable longevity. You also won’t like to invest in a vehicle that will start wearing out on its body linings when used. Good enough, most of the 4X4 used Japanese mini trucks that you will find in the market are designed to last and serve under harsh conditions.

Also with the fact that these mini trucks are manufactured by some of the world’s biggest car markers you can be guaranteed that durability isn’t a challenge.  The vehicles have gone through ingenious engineering to come up with hard bodied designs that you can always count on. Even the used versions of these mini trucks have shown amazing performances and have

On a side note, you should be careful to make sure that you are getting the mini trucks that are within the law requirement limit. Countries like the United States have restrictions on vehicles beyond a certain period of manufacturing. This is something that you won’t have to worry about if you are importing vehicles with us. All the mini trucks in our inventory are within the required standards.

Superior Performance and Reliability

Who wants a vehicle that will be dragging when fully loaded? Of course that isn’t the mini truck that you are dreaming of. It is thus important to ensure that you are getting a vehicle that has good performance and works to your expectations.

Under good care and regular maintenance these used 4X4 mini trucks have always demonstrated excellent performance and reliability.

Engine capacity, bed size and the body of the mini truck are some of the things that you should look at when you are looking for a vehicle that will serve you for a long time. The good thing is that it is easy to check all these without having to be physically present at the yard.

You should also choose a mini truck with a realistic mileage depending on how you would like it to perform. A low mileage mini truck might come with a higher price tag but it means it has been subjected to lesser work through the years and you can expect it to be stronger.

Easy To Maintain

blankSomething else worth mentioning is the maintenance part of the mini truck. You need to know how cost effective the mini truck you acquire will be as you continue to use it in running your daily errands.

Most mini truck owners that you will come across will tell you something about their mini truck, and one thing that they surely won’t fail to mention is the maintenance part. Apart from being affordable to acquire and having excellent fuel efficiency, you will love the fact that maintaining a mini truck is super easy.

With spare parts that are easily available locally or ready to import, you can rest assured your mini truck will stay maintained without having you to break the bank.

Multipurpose Utility

Most of us have lots of things to take care of and in many cases they will vary from one load to the other. As such, you may need to have a vehicle that offers you options to haul the loads conveniently. Unlike a 2WD mini truck which is limited in reliability, you might need to get something that is better depending on the road condition that you expect to use the vehicle. Getting a 4X4 mini truck should be perfect for such a situation.

If you ask any expert that has been hauling goods for a long time, they won’t fail to mention a mini truck as a solid option for carrying loads around.

With a 4X4 utility vehicle, you can maneuver to any place regardless of the road condition and whatever you are hauling. This makes it a good option for anyone looking to move stuff from a place with bad roads. So you can forget about getting stuck in the mud while carrying produce or other urgently needed goods.

Affordability And Great Value

Perhaps something that all of us are always keen to check out is the price tag of whatever we are getting. Mini trucks come with varied costs depending on many things such as the specifications, mileage among other things. There is however one thing that you should know and this is something that your local car dealer can’t tell you. Importing your own mini truck from Japan is very easy and above all, affordable.

The process may involve some paper work which might become brainy at some point but the whole process is a worthy one.


Used 4X4 mini trucks are not only becoming popular in the United States but also across the globe.

The elemental performance coupled up with its affordability makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a truck to haul different loads without hassles. Whether you need a farm utility vehicle, a construction load hauler or just need something to help you run a smooth courier business, you should give much thought to a 4X4 mini truck from Japan.

Be sure to check out our inventory listing and pick a mini truck for yourself. There are a number of models from different top manufacturers to choose from. We are also ready to help and advise on how to easily ship your mini truck to any part of the world.