5 Ways To Boost The Performance Of Your Kei Mini Truck

Own a Japanese mini truck? These vehicles have roamed the street, howled cargo and shown impressive performance in what they are meant to do. If you own any of these then you already know that its performance is second to none and as compared to many other UTVs and ATVs, their advantages outdo those of the others. However, to get the best out of your vehicle, there are a number of things that you need to make sure are in place.

In this guide, we will go through some of these things. But before delving on to that, here are some of the reasons why they are loved across the globe and why you should consider getting one for yourself if you don’t have it already.

Top Performance

We all love vehicles that give us good value for our money and the Kei mini trucks have gone above and beyond when it comes to this. For many years, the Kei mini trucks which are produced by some of the best automakers in the globe have been used locally in Japan. These vehicles have undergone changes through time but have only improved the performance of the vehicles. Despite these Kei mini trucks being between 500cc -600cc, in many instances, they have outperformed many other vehicles in their class such as the pickup trucks and many others.

Low Cost Of maintaining The Mini Trucks

If you have owned different vehicles over the past years then you must have experienced some that are dregs when it comes to maintenance. With the high engineering and professionalism that has gone into the manufacturing of these vehicles, a lot has been achieved in terms of making a vehicle that is more cost efficient.

Besides that, it is always good to have a vehicle that is fuel efficient and doesn’t use up lots of fuel. The Kei mini trucks are loved for their low cost of maintenance as well as being easy to repair and run. With an impressive fuel consumption that many would swear by, there is every reason to love the Kei mini trucks.


Affordability is yet another thing that we all would love to see in a vehicle. We all love to spend less when it comes to things like vehicles. However, we shouldn’t only be looking for an affordable vehicle buy one that offers good value for the investment. Among some of the reasons why the Japanese mini trucks and other used vehicles are affordable and below the industry class costs is because in Japan there seems to be an overproduction that forces people to ditch their old vehicles for new ones.

Another thing that makes people sell their pre-owned vehicles is that the Japanese authorities have imposed higher taxes on older vehicles. As such, vehicle owners will do as much as possible to get rid of their vehicles at a throwaway cost. This gives most people across the globe a chance to acquire these Kei mini trucks at an affordable cost.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Kei mini Truck

Here are some of the best ways to maintain and get the best out of your Kei mini truck.

Replace the tires after 6 months – Tires play an important role in the performance of your vehicle as it determines how it will work or perform under different toads and conditions. The better the threads on the tires, the better the stability of the vehicle which in turn translates to better performance. It is always recommended that one change the tires after 6 months o when the threads are getting worn out. This is the estimated time to change the tires on a vehicle that is used on normal occasions.

Regularly keep check on the oil gauge – Oiling and lubrication is an essential part of maintenance in every vehicle as it ensures that the vehicle’s moving parts will always be lubricated and functioning as they should be. It is important to keep in mind that as time goes, oil efficiency and their ability to keep off friction becomes low with time. As such, you should make sure to change the oil after a few months.

Keep the paintwork and aesthetic in good shape – The appearance of the vehicle is important not only for the eye but as a requirement. You cannot expect to take your rusty vehicle to the city and expect to get away with it. Some states have strict measures on this and it isn’t something that you want to gamble on. After all, doing paintwork is something easy.

Regular inspection keeps your mini truck going – Inspection is something that you wouldn’t like to miss on. Even if your vehicle is still running and going well, there are some things that can’t be seen beyond the visuals and taking your vehicle for inspection regularly is soothing that you should consider.

Wiring and lighting system shouldn’t be forgotten – Among the most ignored vehicle issues are the lighting and the general wiring system. The vehicle’s wiring system should be spot on and should be taken care of and regularly inspected just like you would do with any other mechanical issues. And just like the case with the mechanical ones, you should get an expert to take care of it.

Final Word:

The Kei mini trucks are phenomenon vehicles that are loved across the globe and there is no debate about that. They are graced for their performance, affordability and cost effectiveness. This is all what we look for in a vehicle. With the above tips on how to maintain it, your mini trucks should be in good shape and should serve you for a long time.

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