Causes of Brake Lights Not Turning Off

Do you experience brake lights not turning off? The braking system has several parts joined together. Some of these parts work independently, while others depend on others to function. For example, the braking light is one of the crucial brake parts. The brake lights rely on the pressure applied on the brake pedal to function. On the other hand, the brake pedal does not depend on the brake light hence, it can continue to work effectively even if the brake lights are not functioning correctly. When you step on the brake pedal, there is a switch that alerts the brake light that the brake pedal is engaged and should produce some light. Wiring components connect the brake pedal, the switch, and the brake lights. The striker will disengage whenever you release your foot from the brake pedal, and the brake light will go off. 

Causes of Brake Lights Not Turning Off

Above is a simple explanation of how brake lights work. If the brake light switch or the striker is damaged, the brake light might fail to function. If you realize that your brake lights do not go off even after stopping your truck, you must take your truck for repairs because the brake lights will consume all the power in the battery, making it difficult for you to start your truck.

Why Break Lights Do Not Turn Off

Let us look at some of the reasons why your brake light might fail to turn off. 

Faulty Brake Light Switch

When there is a problem with the brake light switch, the light will not turn off even after releasing your foot from the brake pedal. The switch is below the dash and attached to the brake pedal. 

Whenever the brake lights turn on when driving, know there is a problem with the brake light switch. 

Worn Out Striker

The striker is at the top of the brake pedal linkage. This component disengages the brake light switch as soon as you release your foot from the brake pedal. Sometimes, the striker breaks or becomes repositioned. If such happens, the switch may not function correctly, and the brake lights might fail to switch off. Pieces of floorboard are an indication that your striker is breaking.

Stuck Brake Pedal

Sometimes you will press the brake pedal, and it fails to return to its original position when you release your foot, the stuck brake pedal results from corrosion of the brake components. When the brake pedal sticks on the floor, the striker will not disengage the switch, and your brake lights will remain to function.

Faulty Wiring

Another cause of brake lights not turning off is wiring problems. If you fix the brake lights but persist, the wiring might be the issue. Consider contacting your technician to correct the problem.


Brake lights not turning off is a common problem to do with brakes for both old and new trucks. Whenever your brake lights fail to go off, you might cause confusion or even accidents for other road users. Knowing the causes of brake lights not going off is necessary, enabling you to check only specific parts.

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