3 Simple Winter Driving Hacks For Truck Drivers

This guide is intended to give everyday drivers some winter hacks to get by. Winter is freezing, and it is during this season when ice and snow cover everything. The presence of ice and snow on your truck should not prevent you from using it. Instead, learn some winter driving hacks in this guide to help you do away with ice and snow.

Winter Driving Hacks For Truck Drivers

Shared below are 3 most crucial winter driving hacks that will help you get through the snowy weather and use the vehicle normally.

Remove Fog From the Windshield

Accumulation of fog on your windshield can be annoying and deny you proper visibility when driving. Poor visibility is one of the common causes of accidents during winter. You will have to remove the accumulated fog on your windshield before you continue/start driving your truck. The only option you have here is to smudge them off. 

Shaving cream is the cheapest way to remove fog from your windshield at home. Why shaving cream? The ingredients used in the manufacture of defoggers and shaving cream are similar. So, you do not need to spend more to buy a defogger, yet you have shaving cream.

Apply the shaving cream all over your windscreen from the inside and wipe it off. Avoid leaving water in your truck. When you leave water in the truck, it will evaporate and form moisture from within, and the moisture will make your windows frosty. 

Remove Ice From Wipers And Windshields

During winter, ice will cover your wipers which will freeze on your windshield. It becomes tough to free the wipers when this happens because ice binds them tightly. To eliminate the ice, gently raise your wipers from the windshield and let them suspend in the air. Doing this will give you an easy time to de-ice the wipers when you wake up in the morning.

Another trick is covering your wipers using a pair of socks. Doing this prevents snow and ice from sticking directly to your wipers.

When parking, ensure the front end of your truck faces east. The sun usually rises from the east, and this will naturally defrost your windscreen. It makes it easy for you to scrap off the ice particles from the windshield.

Remove Ice From Doors, Locks, and Handles

Ice will cover the better part of your truck’s exterior, such as the door handles and locks. You have to come into contact with the door when you want to get into your truck. Ice may cover the edges of your door, lock, and handles, making it hard to open your door. 

When you apply a little energy, your door might break. Removing ice from your door and vital accessories like the handle and lock is necessary. To do this, use a burning match stick to heat your truck gently. You can insert the hot matchstick inside your lock and apply a little pressure to melt the accumulated ice bulbs.

Use a dry drinking straw by placing it right towards the frozen lock, and gradually breathe it out. The natural warmth from your breath will melt off the ice.


The above are some simple winter driving hacks that will help you survive during winter. It is good to conduct a regular inspection of your truck. Check the condition of the fluids, the battery, and other parts affected by cold weather. 

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