Signs Of Broken Coil Springs in Your Truck

Do you know what signs to look for when you have broken coil springs? A truck’s suspension has various parts that enable it to work efficiently. The coil spring is one of the essential parts of the suspension system. Their primary role is to absorb shock, and you will have a smooth ride when your truck’s suspension system can adequately absorb shock.

Signs Of Broken Coil Springs in Your Truck

The coil spring and leaf springs have similar roles. They both offer a riding height, which is why you will find both in most trucks. The coil springs are made of round metallic wires, wound into a helix shape having gaps between each other. The coil springs convert the motion of torque to elastic potential energy, which will provide support again. Their role exposes them to a lot of stress which wears them out with time. Here are some of the signs of broken coil springs.

Noise When Turning the Steering

When the coil spring of your truck is broken or is getting into contact with the body of your truck, you will hear a noise when turning the steering wheel. Sometimes, the spring can lay against the chassis instead of the top mount bearing. If such happens, you will experience a high bouncing noise when turning.

Rattling Noise

When the coil springs are broken, you will experience unusual noises, which increase the more you ignore them. The noise becomes worse when you accelerate or drive on rough terrain.

Uneven Tire Wear

The suspension system plays the role of balancing your wheels and tires as you drive your truck. Your tires should receive an equal amount of wear as they rotate. Your truck‚Äôs alignment changes as the coil springs start to wear out. If this happens, you will realize that your tire treads have premature wearing, which can cause severe handling issues. Your tires can blow out if you never inspect them regularly. 

Too Much Bounce

The coil springs prevent your truck from excessive bouncing whenever you hit a bump. When the springs are broken, they will not be able to prevent bounciness from happening. Your truck will be shaky when driving, which might be worse when driving on a dusty road or uneven terrain. Controlling your truck will not be easy if the bounciness becomes too much.

Sagging Corner

If your coil spring is broken, the corner it stands at will start sagging. It is easy to observe one of the corners of your truck is sitting lower than the others. The stability of your truck will be affected by the sagging. It will lead to other symptoms, such as uneven tire wear and noises.


A good coil spring will give your truck stability and a smooth ride. Several factors, such as poor driving and regular driving on rough surfaces, can break your coil springs. When they are broken, your truck will not drive smoothly the way it used to. The above are some signs your truck will have when they have broken coil springs and need some replacement or maintenance. Driving with broken coil springs is risky to you and other road users. If you realize they are faulty, consider replacing them as soon as possible.

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