Which Insurance is the Best for Trucks in the US?

Trucks are standard vehicles in the US. Many love driving them on and off-road. In 2015 the federal data reported that more than 400,000 crashes were recorded on the roads. Most of these crashes involved trucks.¬†Truck insurance is necessary for various reasons; it is a requirement by the law and acts as a protection for the driver, the occupant, other road users, and the truck owner. In case of a crash, insurance will incur all the costs, and the truck’s owner will be saved from repairing the truck and compensating damages caused by the truck. So, which insurance is the best for trucks in the US? This guide will focus on the best truck insurance companies in the US.

The Best Insurance Truck Companies in the US

We will compare the top truck insurance companies to choose which company suits you best.

Cover Wallet

Cover wallet insurance company uses advanced technology to offer top-notch services to their clients. The client can manage their insurance online. They have flexible plans starting from as low as $39 per month. The company offers regular support to the clients with tips on how they can minimize risks while using their trucks.

Low premiums from $39 and the best customer support services make cover wallet insurance one of the best options for truckers.

Progressive Insurance

Progressive insurance has been in the industry for more than 40 years and covers all sorts of trucks, including customized ones. They offer general liability, non-trucking liability, rental reimbursement, trailer interchange, and cargo insurance.

Progressive insurance is the best in the industry since it has various policies to choose from, and they process claims instantly after conducting an extensive assessment.

State Farm

State farm is known for offering home, consumer, and life policies, but they broadened their services to cover trucks. It offers bodily injury and liability policies, but they never cover cargo in transit.

Commercially, their coverage offers similar policies you would get from a consumer auto policy.

The downside of state farm insurance is the lack of customer service. The company has over 3000 reviews with only a three-star rating because of the features it does not have.

EIB Direct

It is also called Evolution Insurance Brokers, a silent company that is not widely known in the industry but has the best policies for short and long-haul trucks, fleets, and motor truck cargo.

EIB Direct has policies for liability, physical damages, and hired and non-hired trucks. The coverage offered by EIB Direct is more than the federal limits, which is $750,000; this is possible because the company has partnered which prominent companies like Lloyd’s.

The EIB Company has an open heart and offers policies to those individuals that other firms cannot insure due to legal issues. The ability to offer policies to those with legal issues makes EIB an expensive insurance firm because of its high-risk level.


Owning a truck for the first time comes with a lot of challenges. Several insurance companies will entice you to buy their insurance policies. The guide provides an insight into some of the best insurance companies to pick from for your truck. 

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