Pick Up Truck Maintenance Tips

The pick-up trucks are a darling to people because they can fit any work perfectly. You can use them to commute to work; they look very official when parked next to SUVs. After work, you can use them to transport hay to your cows; the bed behind can carry several kilograms of hay. In this guide, we will be delving into some pick up truck maintenance tips that are worth looking into.

Pick Up Truck Maintenance Tips

Pick-up trucks can also humble a rugged and rough terrain. Check on these maintenance tips for your truck to achieve its potential and serve you better.

Buy the Right Tires

When shopping for tires, buy the correct one. Good tires will protect your shock absorbers and bearing from wearing out regularly. Good tires reduce road accidents, hence offering you the necessary protection.

Buy the tire that can survive your daily driving terrain. Before buying a tire, you should know the nature of the surface you regularly drive on. For example, pick-up truck tires for offroad are different from the ones designed for highways. If possible, buy tires for all terrains and consider changing depending on where you are going.

Give Your Diesel-Powered Engine a Special Attention

The diesel-powered pick-up trucks require regular fuel filter replacement compared to the petrol-powered ones. Their fuel filter gets clogged faster, and a clogged fuel filter can lead to engine starvation. To prevent your engine from starving, replace the fuel filters every 15,000 miles.

Consider using an engine oil with anti-wear additives on your diesel engine because it absorbs more carbon than petrol engines.

Do A Regular Brake Check-up

Brakes are life savers, especially if you use your pick-up truck for towing or carrying heavy loads. Do a regular check-up on your brakes and replace them if you notice they have started to wear out. Uneven wear on your brakes indicates that your braking system is not balanced. Balance them to increase the performance of your brakes.

Perform a regular Gearbox and Clutch Check-up

Pick-up trucks have high-torque engines that mostly carry heavy loads, meaning more stress and pressure goes to the clutch and the gearbox whenever you are driving. Regularly inspect your gearbox and clutch to ensure they are in good working condition.

Inspect the Levels of the Fluids

Your pick-up truck has engine oil, coolant, transmission, power steering, and brake fluids. Always check the levels of such fluids. If you realize their levels have gone down, consider topping them up. Reduced levels of fluids signal a leakage somewhere. Try to find out the leaking part and fix it.

Check Your Lighting System

Turn on your lights and walk around your pick-up truck to confirm if all the bulbs are operating perfectly. If you realize that some are burnt, consider replacing them. When doing this, never forget that the brake, signal, and hazard lights are functioning properly.


Maintaining a pick-up is the best way of giving it a long lifespan. Never wait for your truck to signal you that something is not right with it. Take the initiative of doing a regular check-up on your pick-up and do minor fixings. Minor fixings escalate to major problems if you ignore them.

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