What Makes The Japanese 4X4 Minivans So Good

Also called microvans, the minivans are under the Japanese Kei car category and are smaller than MPV. The minivan has different names depending on the country. For example, in Indonesia, they are called minibus, while the Chinese call them mian bao molde meaning a vehicle looking like a loaf of bread. The market has all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive. The Japanese 4X4 minivan version has become more popular and better. But what makes the Japanese 4X4 minivans so good?

What Makes the Japanese 4X4 Minivans So Good

4X4 minivans are vehicles with equal power transmission from the engine to all four wheels. Powered four wheels give them an added advantage to the front or rear-wheel drive. These minivans are suitable because of the following reasons.

They Have Very Good Acceleration

The 4X4 minivans speed very fast when the driver steps on the gas pedal. The engine’s power goes into all the wheels, making it accelerate better. Good accelerations minimize the time they take to reach maximum speed making them faster than the two drive versions.

They are the Best for Towing

People acquire minivans for various motives. The 4X4 versions will be the best deal if you buy them for commercial towing. The rotational power from all the wheels will make it not get stuck on inclined surfaces and deliver the maximum power to pull the language. You will end up towing much within a limited time and earning more.

Better handling

The 4X4 minivans have the best handling. The power transmitted to all the wheels makes it stable on the roads and safe. The excellent stability makes these minivans easier to control at high speed. Better handling brings joy to drivers and comfort to passengers on board. You will not even feel they are at high speed unless you check the speed gauge or take note of the number of vehicles you overtake.

High Resale Value

Resale value is the profit or losses someone makes when they sell their vehicles. The 4X4 minivans have a high resale value compared to the two-wheel ones. You will spend more buying a new 4X4 minivan than a rear-wheel drive. This makes it to be expensive when selling in the future.

Gives a Peaceful Mind

Driving 4X4 minivans are more peaceful because you will never have to worry about getting stuck on slippery or muddy surfaces. You will never have to ask about the conditions of the roads before you start your journey. Peace of mind makes the driver develop confidence with the car they are driving because they will have to come back no matter where they go.


The 4X4 mini vans perform best on muddy roads, snow, and rocky surfaces. They are also stable at high speed and pick up faster than two-wheel minivans. Though they are a little bit expensive, the 4X4 minivans are worth buying. The high cost of acquiring them increases their resale value. Owning them is good because if you decide to upgrade and sell them, you will get high resale value.

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