Requirements To Register an Imported Truck In The U.S.

You can buy a foreign car, import and register it under your name in the United States. The registration process is not complex though you need certain documents and a specific procedure to register your foreign truck successfully. Here, we will go through the crucial requirements to register an imported truck in the US.

Requirements To Register an Imported Truck

When you import your truck from another country to the U.S., you must register it before using it. You will need the following:

  1. Evidence of ownership such as an out-of-state title. Such document can be in the form of an Importer’s Certificate if you are importing a brand new vehicle from the manufacturer or a certificate of title from the previous location of your truck if it is not brand new.
  2. Evidence showing that the customs department has cleared the truck. You can produce any stamped and endorsed relevant customs and border protection forms. 
  3. The weight certificate provides evidence that your truck has an original weight.
  4. You must pay registration fees, which will vary depending on the truck, the date of importation and purchase, and the state you are living.
  5. Evidence that your truck meets the United States Federal vehicle safety standards (FMVSS). If your truck is older than 1995, this document is mandatory.
  6. Evidence that your truck meets the EPA standards. 

Registering an Imported Truck in the U.S.

At this point, you have the necessary documents to register your truck. Let us look at what you must do to register your vehicle.

First, you must have evidence of the U.S. customs and border Protection clearance. You will need to contact them at various ports of entry, or you can visit their website, which contains information about the procedure for registering vehicles imported by U.S. residents, non-residents, and the returning armed forces or government officials.

Second, you must comply with NYS safety and emissions standards. Your truck has to comply with the minimum NYS emission and safety standards. 

Translate any document in a foreign language to English before submission.

Some of the Valid U.S. Customs and Border Protection Documents You Can Use

The U.S. customs and border protections offer various documents which the DMV approves. Let us look at some of those documents.

  1. CPB Form – 6059B Customs Declaration.
  2. CPB Form – 7501 Entry summary.
  3. CPB – 368 Collection Receipt or Informal Entry.
  4. CPB Form – 7523 Entry and Manifest of Merchandise Free of Duty, Carrier’s certificate of release.
  5. CPB 3311 – Declaration for free entry of returned American products.

Registering your truck will be easy if you produce the above documents because only customs and border protection proof is necessary.


U.S. government allows the importation of foreign vehicles. Before any foreign truck gets into the roads, you have to register it. At the department of vehicle registration, you have to produce some documents which will be used to verify if the truck meets the minimum standards laid out by EPA and other bodies dealing with vehicles. Production of valid documents facilitates the process of registering an imported truck.

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