What does CV Axle Do in Your Truck?

The motion in a truck originates from the engine. In the engine, the combustion chamber produces the energy which rotates the wheels. Have you ever asked how power is transmitted from the engine to the wheels? First, it is the combustion chamber that drives all the moving parts of a machine. Some shafts transmit the motion to the wheels. The CV axle between the shafts and the wheels transfers the motion torque to the wheels.

Initially, front-wheel vehicles used axles similar to four-wheel drive vehicles. Such axles had a cross-shaped metal pivot fitted between two forked carriers. They varied the speed transmitted to the wheels but were not CV joints. They were very strong, and making them was easy. Automakers still use them for flexibility in some prop shafts with minimal movements.

What does the CV Axle do in Your Truck?

When a car is in motion, the wheels on the left and right sides will move up and down, and this motion will depend on the nature of the surface you are driving on, making independent suspension necessary. But if your truck has independent suspension, a CV axle will be required. The CV axle has joints that effectively transfer the torque to the wheels in constant up and down motion. 

The CV axle has inner and outer joints. The inner CV joint has three rollers on a spider that slides to enable the CV axle to contract and extend freely. The outer CV joint transfers the rotational motion at larger angles. Both inner and outer CV joints are greased and housed in CV boots.

CV joints allow the drive shaft to transmit power through dynamic angles, keeping the speed and friction constant. It also ensures that the energy from the engine is transferred to the wheels regardless of the wheel’s position while in motion. 

CV Joint Boots Repairs

The CV joint boots usually get damaged. If it happens in your truck, you must replace the boot and apply fresh grease on the CV axle. Doing this is more economical than replacing the entire CV joint, but replacing it is a little cumbersome. 

Sometimes the entire CV joint might be worn out. In such a case, you have to replace the whole of it. Occasionally, you might not buy the CV joint alone but the entire drive shaft. In such a scenario, replace the whole drive shaft of your truck. 

You can replace the CV joint boot alone or seek help from a professional mechanic. If you are doing it alone, you need a strong breaker bar and sizable socket to loosen the lock nut in the CV joint and this nut is also called the hub nut or axle nut. 


The CV axle is one of the vital components that facilitate the rotation of the wheels as the wheels move up and down depending on the nature of the terrain which one drives. However, the engineering work behind it enables it not to be affected by the vibrations from the wheels as you navigate through various terrains.

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