Does a 4X4 cost more to Insure? – Insurance Tips & Tricks

Does a 4X4 cost more to insure? Auto companies initially made two-wheel drive vehicles; the engine’s power transmits to either front or rear wheels. The first 4X4 were for the military during the world wars, but after the world wars, they became popular due to the exemplary services they offered to soldiers. Car companies started to produce four-wheel drive vehicles for consumers. Recently everybody prefers a four-wheel drive car to either rear or front wheel. Standard vehicles with 4-wheel drive are trucks and SUVs, but even sedans and vans have the four-wheel drive option.

The rising popularity of four-wheel drive vehicles raises the question about the cost of insuring them. Is insuring them higher than the standard two-wheel drive cars? This guide will offer an appropriate answer to this question.

Does a 4X4 Cost More to Insure?

The cost of insuring a four-wheel vehicle is high compared to a standard car. The 4X4 have larger engines, they are bigger and heavier, and in case of collision, they can withstand and cause a lot of damage to the victim—all these sums up to a higher cost of insuring such vehicles. Despite the high insurance costs, there are tips you can use to get lower premiums. Let us look at them.


The rates of premiums that you will pay are affected by your age and the experience you have on the roads. If you do not have any history of a recorded claim, you will pay lower premiums. Having advanced driver qualifications will also reduce the rates of premiums.


If you rarely use your 4X4, consider taking a restricted mileage policy. You will pay less for restricted mileage if your 4X4 is used occasionally for recreation.


Ensure your truck is safe by keeping it in a locked garage, and the alarms and the tracking system should be functional. The safety of your 4X4 will help you cut the premium cost.

Specialized Schemes

There are various 4×4 vehicles on the market. When you decide to buy one, make sure you go through the manufacturer’s guide. Doing this will help you to know the type of insurance that the manufacturer prefers for your 4X4.

Multi-Car Policies

You can use a single policy to cover more than one car. In this case, each car’s cover level will differ. Taking multiple car insurance will be the best option if you have other vehicles besides the 4X4.


Most 4X4 owners are car enthusiasts and have formed clubs known by insurance companies. Insurance companies offer discounts to members of various 4X4 owners clubs because they believe members of such clubs are committed to maintaining their vehicles. It is important to be affiliated with any enthusiasts club so that you receive a discount when you buy an insurance policy.


The cost of insuring a 4X4 is relatively high because of their capabilities, these are heavy machines, and in case of a collision, they are likely to destroy the other vehicle. If you choose a third-party insurance policy, the insurance will spend more on repairing the involved vehicle. 

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