Used Japanese Mini Truck on Auction

There are various ways of buying a Mini truck. You can walk straight into the showroom and purchase a brand new one with zero mileage, you can buy it from someone who is looking forward to disposing of their mini truck, and you can as well walk to the auctioneers and purchase a used mini truck. The difference between these three buying avenues is a price difference. Brand new mini trucks in the showroom are relatively expensive. Kei truck sold directly by the owner might have price fluctuations, while the mini trucks on auction might be cheap depending on the reason for the auction.

The popularity of buying mini trucks at the auction is increasing because it is a way of obtaining mini trucks at amazing prices. If an institution disposes of their mini trucks, they will auction them cheaply. If one acquires a mini truck on credit but cannot conform to the creditor’s terms and conditions, it might be repossessed. There are very high-quality mini trucks at the auto auction around you.

Most mini trucks on auction are in good condition, except you might find one or two that require a little work on the body or the engine. Before purchasing a mini truck at the auto auction, consider knowing some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

Pros of Mini Trucks on Auction

Auto auctioneers have a wider range of mini trucks, like Suzuki Carry, Honda Acty, Subaru Sambar, Daihatsu Hijet, and many more. You might only fail to get the preferred color, generation, and mileage of your interest. 

Mini trucks on auction are cheaper as compared to many used Kei trucks. You will spend 30% less if you buy a mini truck at the Auction. Besides, most mini trucks on Auction are in good condition, especially the ones disposed of by the government parastatals.

Auto auctions offer fast sales in mini trucks. All you need to do is to attend any auction and bid. You will automatically go home with the mini truck if your bid wins.

Cons of Buying a Mini truck from Auction

Many auctioneers do not allow test drives, they will provide you with a lot of information about the vehicle, and you will get an opportunity to do a visual inspection of the mini truck. A test drive is necessary when buying a vehicle that has been once used. 

An auctioned vehicle has no warranty, but some sellers might offer some grace period in which you take the car for inspection in case it develops an issue.

Most mini trucks on auction have a sketchy background which may not be pleasing. Some of them are repossessed because of a financial crisis. However, most auctioneers will provide all the details about the mini truck so you can know what you are buying.


Used Japanese mini trucks exist at various auto auctions. Buying a mini truck at auction has several advantages compared to buying from the owner. As much as it is better to buy a mini truck from an auto auction, it has some shortcomings which you should know as stated in this guide.

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