How Often Do Pick-Up Truck Engines Need Oil Change?

Pick-up trucks are popular vehicles worldwide, and Such trucks have robust engine that produces good horsepower and torque. Pick-up trucks’ reliability is top-notch and performs well in any weather and terrain. Such vehicles have varying engine sizes, but this does not prevent them from delivering when assigned any duty. For their engines to perform effectively, it has to be regularly lubricated. Oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts and cools the parts that rub against each other as the engine is functioning. So, how often do pick -up truck engines need oil change? This is what we cover in this comprehensive guide.

How Often Do Pick-Up Truck Engines Need Oil Change?

Let us focus on the frequency of changing the engine oil of your pick-up truck. As the engine oil does its role, it strains, and with time it gets exhausted and wears out. How will you know that your oil is wearing out and needs a replacement? You will note the color change of the oil. New and healthy oil is amber in color, but it turns darkish and eventually black as it wears out.

Pick-up trucks have two types of engines; gas and diesel-powered engines. The gas-powered trucks will require an oil change every 3,000 miles, but diesel-powered trucks might cover more mileage. Reaching the above-stated mileage varies depending on how you use your pick-up truck. For example, if you use it for running a daily business, such as transporting materials or moving from point A to B, expect to change your oil more often. If you use your truck occasionally, maybe driving to work from home or when going for holidays, the engine oil is likely to last longer. 

It is necessary to change your engine oil as per the manufacturer’s specifications, failure to do this might cause severe damage to your pick-up, and if it has a warranty, the manufacturer might reject your warranty.

Engine Signals For Oil Change

Your Pick-up truck will give you signals when the engine is in dire need of new engine oil. If you treasure your pick-up truck, never ignore these signs.

Dark Oil

If you note that the color of your engine oil has turned from amber to black, it is high time you drain it out and put a new healthy one. Various factors contribute to the oil’s color change, such as adverse temperatures and the existence of contaminants.

Engine Oil Check Light

When your engine requires oil, your pick-up truck might show an oil check light on the dashboard. If this happens, check the level of your oil by pulling out the dipstick, which will let you know the color as well as the level of oil.

Noisy Engine

Sometimes you might feel your engine is producing a louder noise. If this happens, it might be a warning that the level of oil in your engine is low. The noise results from friction as the engine parts are in motion.


Knowing when to change the oil for your pick-up truck is necessary. The manufacturer’s manual indicates how much mileage you will need to change the oil. If you use your pick-up truck more frequently, you will change its oil often because reaching the required mileage will be faster.