Avoiding Truck Repair Scam Services

Throughout the ownership of your truck, at least you have some terrible experiences you can never forget, especially at the service center, when you receive poor repair services. Truck repair scams are common, especially for first-time truck owners. As a truck owner, you can avoid such scams. First, you must know these scams and what to do when encountering them. In this guide, you will understand the common truck repair scams and how to avoid them.

Truck Repair Scam 1 – “Other” Service Repair

Sometimes your mechanic can tell you they are taking your truck to a different service center for a further check-up. Sometimes, your mechanic might be genuine or just drive your truck to the local spare parts market.

You need to know the address of the alleged service repair. You also need to get the contact details and call to clarify if your truck is there. 

If your truck has a tracker, you are way better as you will be able to know its location from your device.

Truck Repair Scam 2 – Unknown Repairs

Mechanics usually inflate the bill by including repairs or diagnostics that don’t exist. On most occasions, they may add a G-scan or other replacements they did not do.

Avoiding it

As soon as your mechanic is through with servicing your car and you receive the bill, take time to scrutinize the statement. If there is any repair you need help understanding, ask for clarifications from your mechanic. Ask why they did that repair, and if it involves fixing a new part, ensure you see both the new and old parts. 

If your mechanic fails to show you the new and the old parts or avoids the question, conclude that it is a repair your truck didn’t receive.

Truck Repair Scam 3 – Additional Problems

Additional problems is a common term that mechanics use to scam truck owners. When you almost pay the service bill, you will hear of the additional problems and expensive repair costs. Mostly, the additional problems are unnecessary replacements that mechanics do without your consent. 

Avoiding it

Before leaving your truck for repairs,  ensure your mechanic notes down the parts that need repairs and the approximate cost. Remind your mechanic only to perform repairs to the parts noted. 

If they get more problems, they should keep in touch before making any repairs. Doing this will enable you to stay in control of unexpected repairs to avoid having huge bills.

Truck Repair Scam 4 – Repeated Repairs

Repeated repairs without finding the root cause of the problem are some of the ways mechanics use to scam truck owners.

Avoiding It

Never allow your mechanic to take you into this. When you hear such reasoning, get a second opinion. 


Mechanics are good people who bring your truck to life, but not all are good. Dishonest ones will always inflate your service bill whenever you take your truck for routine service. Talking to your mechanic will tell you whether they are genuine or tricking you. The discussed are some common tricks dishonest mechanics use to scam truck owners.

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