How To Boost Diesel Trucks Horsepower & Performance

Generally, diesel trucks are known to be robust and can easily handle any work. Diesel trucks typically have higher torque than their petrol counterparts, although they might be slow on the road. But this is not the case since the current diesel trucks are mighty fast. The faster nature of diesel engines results from manufacturers’ improvements, such as the fitting of the turbo.

If you need more horsepower, you need to upgrade the performance of diesel trucks. Truck performance mainly dwells in the engine. The engine’s essential ingredients for power production are diesel and air. Providing a conducive environment for the combustion of diesel and fuel will boost your diesel truck’s horsepower and performance. Here are some tips to increase the performance and horsepower of your truck.

Modifications of Air Intake and Exhaust System

When you upgrade and modify the air intake system, more fuel-oxygen mixture will burn in the engine, increasing the horsepower. When the air intake pipe is modified and is bigger, more cool air will rush into the engine. More cool air has more oxygen, and therefore, the compression improves.

The engine will produce more exhaust fumes when more air is drawn in. Therefore, consider installing a bigger exhaust system when installing a bigger air intake system. A bigger exhaust system also helps draw out the engine’s excess heat.

Upgrading the air intake and the exhaust system helps minimize the pressure within the engine and enables your truck to produce a fascinating throaty sound. 

Upgrade the Diesel Fuel System 

After increasing and improving the airflow and the exhaust system, more air will get into the combustion chamber. You will need to increase the fuel getting into the combustion chamber. To do this, you must upgrade the fuel pump and the injectors.

The injectors that most trucks come with are meant to reduce fuel consumption. To increase horsepower and performance, you must install aftermarket high-flow fuel injectors. For improved performance, you will need to upgrade the fuel pump that can make it cope with the high fuel demand.

Upgrading your diesel fuel system will let more fuel into the combustion chamber, thereby increasing horsepower and performance.

Modifying the ECM System

The Engine Control Module controls everything in your truck, including diesel consumption. Modifying the ECM will change how diesel trucks manage the engine and the transmission system.

Modifying the ECM will mainly adjust the pressure and timing, increasing the horsepower and compression ratio and improving your transmission system.

You can Tune, remap and chip the ECM, although this is a sensitive operation that requires a specialized mechanic. It is necessary to take diesel trucks to a pro for this modification. If not, you will fail the emission test.


Diesel truck from the factory comes with features that increase the fuel economy. If you want to get maximum from your diesel truck, consider doing away with the factory air intake and exhaust system, modifying the ECM, and upgrading the fuel system. Install relatively bigger aftermarket parts that will reduce fuel economy but give your truck the maximum power. 

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