Important Accessories To Always Have In Your Truck

What are some important accessories that you must have in your truck? Trucks are more than just a means of transport for most of us. They are like a second home since we spend more time on them. It is, therefore, essential to make your truck more comfortable to stay in as it takes you from one point to another. To achieve this, you much have some essential accessories.

Important Accessories To Always Have In Your Truck

Here are some accessories you should always have in your truck to make your life easier.

Mobile Charger

Smartphones are very important gadgets in our lives. Some phones drain power very fast. When traveling, phones come in handy during emergencies and when you need direction. A smartphone will also entertain you while driving. All these activities will drain your phone’s battery, and you will need to charge it. 

You will need a mobile charger in your truck to charge your phone when its battery drains.

A Portable Tyre Inflator

Another important accessory that you must have in your truck is a portable tire inflator. The tire inflator can rescue you in the middle of nowhere when your tires run out of pressure. It is easy to repair a tubeless tire, and a portable tire inflator will come in handy.

The best portable tire inflator will take 10 to 15 minutes to inflate a flat tire. Having a portable tire inflator will save you from the long queues at the filling stations to check the pressure of your tires. 

Pepper Spray

Safety and security are important when traveling. Pepper spray is another essential truck accessory that you should never miss. Pepper spray is not only important for female drivers. Anyone can use it in an emergency and in self-defense. You can keep it in the door pocket, which you can access when necessary. 

Mobile or GPS Holder

Mobile phones perform various roles, and you can use them as a navigational tool when headed to unfamiliar routes and directions. Although it is not recommended to look at or use the mobile phone while driving, you may need to look at it more often while at the steering wheel. 

To effectively use your mobile phone as a navigational tool, consider having a phone holder that will let you see your phone and the road clearly while driving. There are various types of mobile phone holders. The ones with the suction capability fit well on the windscreen, while the magnetic ones fit well on the dashboard. 

Air Fresheners

The air inside your truck come sometimes become terrible. But when your cabin smells nice, you will feel confident and good in your truck. Consider investing in the best freshener for your truck that will do away with all the bad smells from your truck’s interior. 


Apart from the above accessories, you can as well have a special car cloth that you can use to wipe out dirt from inside your truck. A tow hook and torch, especially when going for long trips. The hook will help you when you need to tow your truck, and also, remember to check on the condition of your spare tire before you start driving. With these accessories in your truck, you should be good to go.

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