Tips To Defog Your Truck When Driving In The Rain

As a truck driver, you require proper visibility for safe driving and a defog is sometimes necessary. Various factors, such as mist, fog, and condensation, reduce your visibility. While on the road, you will encounter any of the causes of poor visibility. It is, therefore, essential to know how to eradicate factors that hinder visibility.

It is unsafe to drive when it is raining as rain also reduces visibility. Apart from reduced visibility, rains make various driving surfaces slippery. Your truck can slide off the road due to reduced traction. Upon reading this guide, you will be able to understand various tips you can use to eradicate foggy windshields when it is raining. 

How To Defog Windshield When It Is Raining

It feels bad when it is heavily raining while driving your truck then you realize that your windshield can no longer offer you proper visibility. Your windshield will become foggy due to the difference in temperature inside and outside your truck. Here is what to do to defog your windshield when it becomes foggy.

Open Your Windows

When fogging reduces your visibility, it means your cabin is humid. In such a situation, slightly open your windows for the cold air outside to rush in and do away with the humidity inside your truck. The removal of the humid helps in eradicating the fogging on your windshield. 

Increase Heat In Your Cabin

When it rains, you will feel cold. Therefore a warm cabin will make you feel nice. Increasing the temperature of your cabin will not only give you a nice feeling, but the hot air will eradicate the moisture in your truck. The fogging on your windshield will reduce as the hot air collects moisture.

Turn On Your AC

It is weird to use the air conditioner when it is raining. The primary role of the AC is to cool the cabin during the winter season. But when you cannot see clearly due to a foggy windshield, the AC comes in handy. The cool air from the AC will collect moisture inside your truck hence helping defog it. As this happens, the moisture accumulated on your windshield will reduce. 

Avoid Air Recirculation

Air recirculation happens when the air in your cabin cannot escape. Instead, it keeps circulating within the cabin. As air recirculation occurs, moisture fills your windshield, which reduces visibility. You can eradicate air recirculation by using fresh air mode. Doing this will reduce the circulation of mist inside your truck. 

Apply Shaving Cream

A thin layer of shaving cream on your windshield will act as a barrier that prevents moisture from accumulating on your windshield. To do this, consider taking a little shaving cream and applying it all over the windshield using a clean towel from the interior. Use another dry towel to buff the windshield to remove the shaving cream’s residues. After doing this, no residue of the shaving cream should be visible on your windshield. 


During the rainy season, the best way to eradicate foggy windshields is by investing in a heated windscreen. Letting air circulate inside your truck and using the AC effectively are other methods. Consider maintaining your HVAC system to prevent moisture accumulation on your windshield. 

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