Crucial Truck Tire Changing Tips To Keep In Mind

What are some of the crucial tire changing tips to note? Your life and that of other road users depend on the nature and the type of tire your truck uses. Pay attention to shredded or punctured tires, as procrastination when replacing them can lead to serious road accidents. 

Fortunately, it is very easy to change a damaged tire, but we need the right tools and experience to do this. These are the dos and don’ts to remember when changing truck tires. 

Things To Do When Doing Tire Changing

Change Tires on an Open Space

Tire changing in an open and large space allows you to move around easily with your tools. If your garage or driveway is large, consider changing your tires there. If you have limited space, consider taking your truck to an auto repair shop.

Placing the Jack

Trucks differ based on the manufacturer and the model. It is thus essential to know the exact position to place your jack. Before changing the tires of a new truck, consider checking the owner’s manual to know the exact place to place the jack. Before using the jack to lift your truck, ensure it is firmly placed, so it does not slip off.

Have Two Pairs of Jack Stands

When lifting your truck, jacks can collapse. Although a single jack is just enough when changing tires, consider using at least two for assured support and appropriate lifting of your truck. 

Apply Brakes

Before working on tires, ensure your handbrake is engaged. Your truck may move in the process of changing tires, which can lead to severe injuries.

Use the Wheel Chocks

Sometimes gravity can make your truck move, or the brakes can fail. Using a wheel chock that will hold your truck stationary is essential. An 8-inch wooden or rubber wheel chock will appropriately hold your truck.

Things To Avoid When Changing Tires

Never Jack Your Truck Before Loosening the Tire Nuts

If you try to loosen the wheel nuts after jacking your truck, the wheel will spin, and the nuts will not become loose. You can also sustain injuries in the process. Consider loosening the wheel nuts before jacking your truck.

Never Tip Your Truck To One Side

Tipping your truck to one side and balancing it using various jacks is dangerous. Doing this is risky and can cost your life. If you do not know how to change tires, take your truck to the nearest auto service shop.

Never Rely on Your Jack

When working under your truck, never trust your jack. Several deaths and injuries have resulted from slipping jacks. Consider using an extra stand after lifting your truck using a jack.

Never Install Dry Nuts

Before installing and tightening your nuts, ensure they are well-greased. Doing this will prevent them from rusting, and they will easily penetrate as you tighten them.


Tire changing is one of the basic truck maintenance that you should know. Although removing and replacing truck tires is simple and basic, the process is extremely risky and can claim life if not well done. Practice the above dos and don’ts when handling the tires of your truck. Besides the tire changing tips, consider inspecting your tires before and after using your truck. 

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