How To Improve Your Truck’s AC Performance

Ever thought if there was a way that you could improve your truck’s AC performance? Truck owners living in the south can only imagine driving with an AC. During summer or hot weather, the air conditioning system offers cooling within the cabin and plays a vital role in preventing heat-related illnesses like heatstroke.

There are measures you can practice to improve the cooling effectiveness of your truck’s air conditioning system. Below are some of the tips worth putting into practice.

Always Start the AC When Driving

Most truck drivers habitually start their AC when their trucks are not moving. Doing this wastes fuel as the AC functions well when driving. If your truck is in motion, the compressors can run faster with the speed of the crankshaft. 

If you want to cool your truck faster before driving, consider opening the windows and the sunroof.

Check the Refrigerant

The system refrigerant reduces gradually when you regularly use the AC to cool your cabin. A refrigerant shortage boosts your AC performance when the temperatures are high. It is essential to check your refrigerant after 6 to 12 months.

Ensure the AC Condenser is Clean

The AC condenser is at the front of your truck and behind the grill. Its primary role is to re-cool the refrigerant as it expels the heat to the passing airflow. However, the airflow path can be clogged by dirt and debris, reducing the condenser’s efficiency. Consider checking and periodically cleaning it.

Check the AC Filter

Filters usually become dirty and worn out, leading to the breakdown of your truck’s air conditioning system. The filter traps foreign objects like dust, dirt, and pollen. With time they become clogged, and you will have to replace them.

If you do not replace your AC filter, the AC system will work harder to push the air through, leading to increased fuel consumption.

Regularly Service Your Truck

Trucks AC performance is best under good maintenance. For the AC of your truck to function effectively, take your truck to professionals for inspection and servicing. The professionals will test and determine if various parts of the AC are working perfectly. Check any damage or leaks and fix them.

Park Undershade

Try as much as possible to park your truck under shade. Most of the heat that gets into your cabin is usually in the form of radiation. If you can’t find shade to park your truck, slightly open the windows provided where you park is safe. Opening windows slightly allows air to circulate in your truck, and heat will not accumulate.

Install Window Shades

Window shades play a vital role in limiting the heat in your cabin. Before installing window shades, check the ones your local laws recommend.

The window shades prevent sunshine from getting into your cabin, and this will let your AC work less to keep the temperature cool. 


Despite the higher temperatures, following the above tips will help keep your truck’s cabin cool and comfortable with improved AC performance. Your fuel expenses and AC repair costs will greatly reduce in the long run. The trips you make to health facilities will also reduce since you will be free from heat-related illnesses. 

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