Troubleshooting Kei Truck Engine Problems

Kei trucks are among the best vehicles that one can have. They are dependable, all thanks to the engineering behind them. These vehicles have been surging in popularity across the globe due to these factors. Their advancement and improvement over the years has been amazing and transformational. Among some of the components that better define a vehicle, is the engine. An engine is the main driving force in a vehicle, and the existence of a vehicle wouldn’t be possible without it. In this guide, we will be looking at ways of troubleshooting kei truck engine problems.

What are some of the common engine problems that are experienced with Japanese mini trucks? Are they easy to fix? Can the owner with little experience troubleshoot an engine successfully and have the vehicle running? Or do they necessarily need a mechanic? There are many problems that an engine can face, but we will go through a few common ones that are easy to solve. These are the ones that might not necessarily need a mechanic to look into. In simple terms, these are common problems that one shouldn’t be paying to have fixed.

Troubleshooting Kei Truck Engine Problems

Below are some of the common kei truck engine problems and how to fix them.

Oil Leak

Oil leak is probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to kei truck engine problems or any other vehicle for that matter. It is a problem that is crucial because depending on the level of oil leakage, you could be spending a lot on oil costs and risk exposing parts due to lack of lubrication. Oil leaks could occur due to a number of things going wrong.

Here are the fixes to do when you have an oil leak.

  • The gaskets should always be in good condition to seal the oil from leaking. Otherwise, have them replaced.
  • The Cap seal should be working well and the lid should not be broken.
  • Avoid over-filling the oil.
  • Make sure there are no missing bolts, something that is common when an engine was serviced and not properly bolted.

Engine Cooling Problem

The engine cooling system is yet another crucial thing that could go wrong in a kei truck engine. Without proper cooling, then the engine could easily overheat. This could be disastrous. To fix issues with the cooling system, ensure that the fan is functioning well and the connections to the engine and from is working well. Also, ensure that the radiator is working as it is supposed to or else make necessary replacements.

Ignition Switch Failure

This is yet another problem that you may want to know about when you are dealing with Japanese mini trucks. Without a proper ignition switch system, then you could experience a lot of problems having the vehicle running as normal. This could however be a more technical problem which could need the attention of a mechanic. However, you can try checking out the wiring system linking to the ignition switch to troubleshoot any wiring faults.